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Allahabad Bank, Andhra Bank, Bank of Baroda, Bank of India, Bank of Maharashtra, Canara Bank, Central Bank of India, Corporation Bank, Dena Bank, Indian Bank, Indian Overseas Bank, New Bank of India, Oriental Bank of Commerce, Punjab & Sind Bank, Punjab National Bank, State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur, State Bank of Hyderabad, State Bank of India (DLHO), State Bank of India, Chandigarh (LHO), State Bank of India, Lucknow (LHO), State Bank of India, Guwahati (LHO), State Bank of India, Bhubaneshwar (LHO), State Bank of Indore, State Bank of Patiala, State Bank of Saurashtra, State Bank of Trivandrum, Syndicate Bank, UCO Bank, Union Bank of India, United Commercial Bank, United Bank of India & Vijaya Bank
.............................. 28 Nationalized Banks
  1. The Chief Manager, Allahabad Bank, New Delhi vide letter dated 10/01/1990 says, “We send certain documents. Kindly advise with your considered opinion.”
  2. The Chief Officer Vigilance, Andhra Bank, H.O. Hyderabad vide letter dated 29/05/86 says, “Please find enclosed the following documents for comparison.”
  3. The A.G.M., Bank of Baroda, Zonal Office, Ahmadabad vide letter dated 4/2/86 says, “We request you to send us your opinion.”
  4. Sh. K.L. Sharma, Dy. Zonal Manager, Bank of India, Zonal Office, Ghaziabad, STC Building Noida (U.P.) vide his letter dated 04/01/2010 says, “….Your opinion is required regarding authenticity of signatures /alteration on both enclosed cheques.”
  5. Shri P.J.S. Walia, Dy. Zonal Manager, Bank of India, New Delhi vide Letter dated 17/07/2014 says, "…..(Ref.:- Examination of questioned/disputed signatures and thumb impression in cases of suspected impersonation)….. We request you to get their signatures/thumb impression authenticated. We enclose herewith following documents (for your detailed opinion)……"
  6. The Regional Manager, Bank of Maharashtra, New Delhi vide letter dated 20/03/1987 says, "…….Please let us have your report immediately."
    1. The DGM, Bank of Maharashtra, CP Branch, New Delhi instructed orally on 01/12/2009 to submit opinion on disputed documents forwarded to us for examination.
  1. The Divisional Manager, Canara Bank (Staff Section Workmen) Circle Office, New Delhi vide his letter dated 25-10-84 says, "…..We request you to please examine the Handwriting on the mentioned documents and submit your opinion."
    1. The A.G.M. (S.S.O.) Canara Bank, Circle Office Patna vide letter dated 05-04-1991 says, "…….Please verify the documents and favour with your opinion."
    2. The Sr. Manager, Canara Bank, S.S.W., Circle Office, Chandigarh vide letter dated 11-05-1991 says, "We are enclosing herewith a D.D. No…… being your fees for the expert opinion and the report submitted by you."
  2. The Asstt. General Manager, Central Bank of India, RO, Dehradun vide letter dated 20/07/03 says, "We are sending the following documents ….. for your opinion."
    1. The Vigilance Officer, Central Bank of India, Zonal Office, New Delhi vide letter dated 16-2-91 says, "We are in need of your expert opinion. Kindly submit your report at an early date."
    2. Shri S.P. Bhalla, Vigilance Officer, Central Bank of India, Zonal Office, Chandigarh vide letter dated 17/07/89 says, "………….Kindly refer to our meeting of …………….. wherein 5 documents were handed over to you………... (for examination)."
  3. The Chief Manager, Corporation Bank, New Delhi, vide letter dated 27/04/85 says, "……As desired, we handover documents for your reference."
  1. The Sr. Manager, Dena Bank, Arya Samaj Road, New Delhi, vide letter dated 15/06/89 says, "……We enclose certain documents for your examination."

  2. The Chief Officer, Indian Bank, Vigilance Dept., New Delhi, vide letter dated 22/01/86 says, "……….Kindly acknowledge receipt of the enclosures." ………………………………………......………………….(for your opinion)
  3. Sri S. Srinivasan, Gen. Secretary, Indian Overseas Bank, Employees Union, Chennai vide letter dated 17/02/04 says, "...I am sending some papers (for examination to your office). Please offer your expert opinion."
  4. The A.G.M. (Inspection), Lakshmi Commercial Bank, Inspection Dept., New Delhi, vide letter dated 22/12/82 says, "…Kindly intimate us the position of the case (with reference to your opinion)….."
  5. Shri S.K. Soni (Chief Enquiries), New Bank of India, Complaint Section, New Delhi, vide letter dated 08/07/89 says, "…Please find the documents in original for your opinion."
  6. The DGM (HRD), Oriental Bank of Commerce, Head Office, Harsha Bhawan, E block, Connaught Place, New Delhi, vide letter dated 26/08/2011 says, "…You are requested to compare the questioned and admitted documents and submit your opinion about their similarities or dissimilarities."
  1. Shri R.V. Shastri, Senior Manager, Inspection & Control Division, Fraud Investigation and Prevention Cell, Punjab National Bank, H.O. Sansad Marg, New Delhi (Past Chairman & Managing Director, Indian Overseas Bank, Chennai & Canara Bank, Banglore) vide letter dated 18/10/89 says, "……We send herewith a cheque…… in full and final settlement of your bill dated 10/10/89 for Rs. …………………………... (towards your opinion fee)."

  1. Sh. A.K. Bhardwaj, Sr. Manager/Chief Manager, Punjab National Bank, Head Office, BC Place, New Delhi vide Letter dated 06/05/2013, says "……. Please submit your report at the earliest for our further action in the matter. Also, please acknowledge receipt of document(s), if you need to retain some."
  2. The Sr. Manager, Punjab National Bank, Ambedkar Marg, Ghaziabad (U.P.) vide his Letter dated 24/12/2014, says "….. As desired we are sending herewith the disputed and accepted record of the above depositor as per detail hereunder with the request to please compare the disputed record with that of accepted records and give your opinion in writing so that case may be disposed off accordingly….."
  3. The A.G.M. (Vigilance), Punjab & Sind Bank, H.O. New Delhi vide his letter dated 27-03-92 says, "The necessary (opinion fee) bill along with your report be sent to the Department."
  4. The Branch Manager, State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur, New Delhi-5 vide letter dated 19-08-92 says, "We request you to submit your report on the enclosed documents."
State Bank of India References
  1. Shri Laxmi Prasad Notiyal, Adv., Uttarkashi (Uttrakhand) vide Letter dated 6/7/1989 in case SBI vs. Jageshwar Prasad and others in OS 35/1980 on the file of Hon‘ble Distt. Judge, Uttarkashi says, "……..I am a standing counsel for State Bank of India. Your opinion is required in at least 4 cases on disputed signatures. You may visit Uttarkashi Court (for inspection of documents and their photography) between 18.09.1989 to 22.09.1989.
  2. Officer Incharge (Disciplinary Action Cell), State Bank of India, LHO, New Delhi vide Letter dated 04/01/90 says, "Enclosed, please find writings for verification as detailed below and forward to us your detailed report at the earliest."
  3. Regional Manager, State Bank of India, Region-(I), C.R.M. Office, Dehradun vide Letter dated 21/08/90 says, "Please arrange to give your opinion report in respect of the following cases."
  4. The D.G.M., State Bank of India, Guwahati, LHO vide Letter dated 15/06/91 says, "Your prompt action in the matter will be appreciated."
  5. Regional Manager, State Bank of India, Zonal Office, Agra vide Letter dated 21/10/91 says, "We forward herewith four documents in original…………………and submit your advice at the earliest."
  6. The A.G.M-II, State Bank of India, Zonal Office, Lucknow (U.P.) vide Letter dated 06/07/92 says, "…We seek your cooperation for doing the needful in the matter."
  7. Dy. General Manager (Vigilance), State Bank of India, LHO, Chandigarh vide Letter dated 14/07/93 says, "…..Kindly do the needful and send the report through…………….as it is urgently required."
  8. A.G.M., State Bank of India, Regional Office (II), Jaipur vide Letter dated 09/09/93 says, "…The bill towards your professional charges alongwith your report may please be sent……………..for our further necessary action."
  9. Branch Manager, State Bank of India, Badshapur Gurgaon H.R. vide Letter dated 26/04/1997 says, "Please submit your expert report and opinion at the earliest (on the disputed signature available on the cheque No……… of Hon‘ble Ex. Prime Minister, Sh. Chandra Shekher ") ......................................Important VIP Case
  10. The A.G.M., State Bank of India, General Banking Section, Zonal Office, Region-I, Bhubaneswar (Orissa) vide Letter dated 24/06/05 says, "…..we are enclosing a draft for Rs………………….... towards (opinion fee)……"
  11. The Branch Manager, State Bank of India, Kaushambi Branch, Ghaziabad (U.P.) vide Letter dated 18/01/2014 says, "…….. Please find enclosed 1 voucher wherein signatures of ………………. are to be verified against 2 specimen signatures available with bank records."
  12. The Branch Manager, State Bank of India, Nehru Colony Branch, Dehradun (Uttrakhand) vide Letter dated 21/02/2015, says "…… With reference to our telephonic conversation today regarding the captioned matter we are forwarding you the following documents/papers for the matching of the signature on the fraudulent instrument with the specimen one……"
  13. Deputy General Manager (P & HR), State Bank of Trivendrum, vide Letter dated 04/03/2016, says "…… scanned copies of t he above mentioned documents attached herwith. We request you to kindly make verification as above and forward to us your report……"
  14. Deputy General Manager, State Bank of India, Vigillence Deppt. local head office-11, Sansad Mrg, New Delhi, vide Letter dated 23/03/2016, says "……Please submit the report at the earliest……"
  1. The Manager, State Bank of Indore, Chandni Chowk, Delhi, vide Letter dated 19/01/87 says, "…..Please send your report (opinion) at the earliest."
  2. The R.M. (U.P.), State Bank of Patiala, H.O. The Mall, Patiala vide Letter dated 29/01/91 says, "……Please give your report as early as possible for our further action."
  3. Chief Manager, State Bank of Patiala, Model Basti Branch, Delhi vide Letter dated 18/12/12, says "….. Forensic Examination of Cheques used for Withdrawal of Cash….. We are enclosing the following along with this letter for forensic examination of the cheques used for withdrawal of cash from our branch…… Please acknowledge receipt."
  4. The Chief Manager, State Bank of Patiala, Mid Corporate Branch, Ambadeep Building, K.G. Marg, New Delhi vide Letter dated 16/09/2013, says "……Kindly provide report within 2-3 days."
  5. The Chief Manager, Credit Delivery Wing, State Bank of Patiala, Commercial Branch, New Delhi vide Letter dated 07/02/2014 says, "…….. So, we request you to submit the report of genuineness of signature of ……… on the cheque no. …… as early as possible."
  6. The I.R.O., Syndicate Bank, B.S.Z. Marg, New Delhi, vide letter dated 17/01/81 says, "We shall be grateful, if a report is sent immediately."
  7. The Dy. Manager (Vig.) Union Bank of India, Zonal Vigilance Cell, New Delhi, vide letter dated 23/01/92 says, "We confirm having received your report on Handwriting in this case."
  8. The Manager, United Bank of India, Timarpur, Delhi vide letter dated 09/01/88 says, "We are submitting documents for your expert comments."
  9. The A.G.M., UCO Bank, Z.O., Sansad Marg, New Delhi, vide letter dated 22/11/88 says, "You are requested to compare the signatures."
  10. The Senior Manager, Vijaya Bank, Divisional Office, New Delhi vide letter 19/07/90 says, "Kindly offer your esteemed opinion after going through the documents."
 ....................................................................... 24 Nationalized Banks

It may be mentioned that our office has submitted an opinion on the examination of original documents relating to the "State Bank of Hyderabad" in a case referred by a Court from Andhra Pradesh.

The original disputed document consisting of an original cheque pertaining to "Tamil Nadu Mercantile Bank" was referred for examination by Hon‘ble Ist Addl. Senior Civil Judge, Vijayawada, (A.P.) in OS No. 114/2009.

The disputed document relating to "Syndicate Bank" was referred for opinion by Hon‘ble Judicial Magistrate Ist Class, Alappuzha, (Kerala) in CC No. 222/2007 vide letter dated …………

The original disputed document consisting of a cheque pertaining to "Federal Bank Limited" was referred for examination by Hon‘ble Judicial Ist Class Magistrate, Pathanamthitta, (Kerala) in CC No. 805/1999.

The original disputed documents i.e. Bank guarantees pertaining to "Union Bank of India and Indian Bank" were referred to our office for opinion by the Learned Presiding Officer, Debt Recovery Tribunal, Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India, Mumbai vide Letter dated 21/10/2010.

  1. The Presenting Officer, Bank of Baroda, Sansad Marg, New Delhi, vide letter dated 17/12/85 says, "....With reference to your report, we require your presence in the enquiry against …………………. on ………………………..."
  2. The A.G.M. (D.A.C.) Circle Office, Canara Bank, Patna vide his letter dated 07/03/92 says, ".......As enquiry is being conducted by us, It has been felt necessary to examine you as a material witness on behalf of the management in connection with the report submitted by you. Please confirm your availability."
  3. Shri R.P. Naik, Presenting Officer, Canara Bank S.S.W. Circle Officer, Chandigarh vide letter dated 02/05/92 says, “…..Basing on your expert opinion, departmental actions have been contemplated against……. Kindly make it convenient to attend the departmental enquiry on 14/05/92 at our Ambala Cantt. Branch at 11.00 AM”.
  4. Shri P.B. Sharma, Presenting Officer, Manager, Canara Bank, Dehradun vide letter dated 17/12/91 says, “….. I have been appointed as Presenting Officer in the matter of above enquiry……. The report was submitted by you through our R & I Section, Delhi, South Circle on 25/04/83……. Kindly acknowledge receipt and attend the enquiry.”
  5. The Manager, Canara Bank, Birhana Road, Kanpur dated 13/05/96 says, “…..payment of attendance fee… Kindly find enclosed our D.D. for Rs…... (for attending the enquiry at Kanpur Court)”.
  6. Sh. Y.K. Khanna, Presenting Officer, Central Bank of India, Sadar Bazar, Delhi vide his letter dated 29/06/92 says, “Your presence as a Management Witness in respect of your report is necessary at our Branch Office, Ashoka Hotel, New Delhi. Kindly make it convenient to attend the said proceedings (Deptt. Enquiry) on……………………..…”
  7. Sh. S.K. Khanna, Manager, Central Bank of India, Zonal Office Delhi vide letter dated 01/08/2000 says, “Please find enclosed herewith our Cheque No….. towards settlement of your above bill for your personal evidence recorded on 08/05/2000 at B/O Ghaziabad in the DE against Sh. V.K.S.”
  8. The Manager (H.R.D.), New Bank of India, New Delhi, vide letter dated 20/04/89 says, “….. we are enclosing our Pay Order towards your appearance as a witness in the department enquiry.”
  9. The Manager (HRD), Punjab National Bank, Regional Office, Bulandshahr, (HRD Section) vide letter dated 31/10/2005 says, “With reference to above, you are requested to appear on 17/11/05 at 10 a.m. before the CGIT-Cum-Labor Court, Camp Officer at Trikut Complex, Behind Hotel Hyatt Regency, Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi on 17/11/2005.”
  10. Sh. V.K. Handoo, Manager, Punjab National Bank, Maharani Bagh, New Delhi vide letter dated 29/10/2008 says, “The Enquiry proceedings have started and as such your presence is required as a witness in the case regarding examination & submission of various reports in different A/cs submitted by you in the case. You are as such requested to attend the said enquiry on the date, time & venue mentioned below.”
  11. Shri S.K. Dixit, Presenting Officer, State Bank of India vide letter dated 02/12/92 says, “…..Your presence is requested at New Delhi, LHO for cross examination on…….”
  12. Sh. Asit Kumar Nangia (Presenting Officer), State Bank of India, PBB, Sansad Marg, New Delhi vide letter dated 01/01/2004 says, “Please refer to the evidence deposed by you in connection with the forgery case of ……Assistant…..In this connection you are requested to present yourself for cross examination by the defence representative. The enquiry will be held in the chamber of Shri ….. Manager (Domestic), Personal Banking Branch, New Delhi on 05/01/2004. We request you to kindly confirm your coming on 05/01/2004.”
  13. Shri T.S. Lakra, Enquiry Officer, State Bank of Patiala, H.O. Patiala (Punjab) vide his letter dated 06/11/91 says, “I have been appointed as an Enquiry Officer to enquire into the charges framed against ….. It is considered that your evidence is material to the said enquiry. You are therefore, requested to appear before me at our Zonal Office, New Delhi on…”
  14. Shri Arun Kumar, State Bank of Patiala, Enquiry Officer, Janakpuri, New Delhi vide letter dated 09/12/99 says, “….With reference to your……. I request you to attend the enquiry in person on 23/12/99 at the Enquiry office, Janakpuri, New Delhi at 10.00 A.M. for cross examination by the defence”.
  15. The Zonal Manager, UCO Bank, Zonal Officer, New Delhi vide letter dated 09/11/92 says, “We may inform you that enquiry proceedings are in progress. You are requested to attend the enquiry to depose as Management Witness in reference to the opinion submitted by you.”
  16. Sr. Manager, UCO Bank, Zaina Kadal, Srinagar (J&K) vide letter dated 06/12/2008 says, “This has reference to your “Report on the Disputed Signatures & Handwritings” vide your file No.127/HW/07/11/2001 dated 08/11/2001 in the matter of above suspended employee. In this connection, we request your presence at (Srinagar on 15/12/08 enabling the suspended employee or his defence to cross examine (you on) the above report. We are herewith enclosing your to & Fro Air Tickets & a demand draft for Rs. _______ as your counsel fee in this regard”
    1. Hon‘ble Justice Sh. H. Imtiyaz Hussain, High Court of Jammu and Kashmir at Srinagar in case titled as Sheikh Mushtaq Ahmed Vs. State of J&K and Ors. in SWP No. 148/2006 (D.D. 09/05/2008), says, "…..They examined three witnesses namely Mr. S. Manivanan, Pt. Ashok Kashyap and Mr. N. Bahaduri and produced 18 documents to substantiate the allegations/charges……
 ............. Departmental Enquiries attended for 7 Nationalised Banks
  1. Sh. Jeewan Prakash Gupta, Advocate, Tis Hazari Courts, Delhi vide letter dated 10/05/06 addressed to the Branch Manager, Canara Bank, Pahar Ganj, Delhi says, “…..The matter (case suit no. 65/07, (Phool Kumari Vs. Sh. Anil Kumar) is being adjourned for 06/07/06, please ensure the presence of Pt. Ashok Kashyap, Handwriting Expert on the date of hearing for our assistance.”

  2. The Senior Manager, Central Bank of India, South Ext., New Delhi vide letter dated 02/08/2005 says, "…Our branch had obtained opinion in the above account under your above reference. The next date of Hearing in the above case is fixed on 10/08/2005 in the court of Sh. Rajesh Kumar, Civil Judge, Room No. 208, Tis Hazari, Delhi… Our advocate has advised us to ensure your presence in the above court on the said date to depose on your report… Therefore, you are requested to please make it convenient to meet Mr. Chaudhary, Advocate, M/s R.K. Associates in his Chamber No. 385, Civil side Tis Hazari, Delhi at 11:00AM on 10/08/2005."
  3. Authorized Officer, Punjab National Bank, East of Kailash, New Delhi vide letter dated 05/07/99 says, "….We beg to enclose our P/O dated 03/07/99 for Rs. _______ towards the payment of your bill dated 08/06/99 for Rs….. have already been paid to you (towards opinion and attendance fee for attending the Court at Rewari (Haryana)."
  4. The A.G.M., State Bank of India, Region-II, Zonal Office, Dehradun vide letter dated 16/08/94 says, "We forward herewith a copy of the defendant‘s handwriting Expert report with a view to prepare your arguments for the cross examination at the Dist. Judge‘s Court, Tehri, Garhwal (U.P.) in case SBI, Majaf Branch Vs. Deep Ram Bhatt in which your opinion was filed." ......................... Preparation of cross-examination
  5. Shri T.R. Gautam, Branch Manager, State Bank of India, Majaf (Tehri-Garhwal) under Dehradun Zonal Office vide letter dated 25/04/95 says, "We forward herewith a Bank Draft for Rs…...on account of payment of your bill in connection with your attendance at Tehri Distt. Court on 01/03/95."
  6. Branch Manager, State Bank of India, Rampur Maniharan, Saharanpur (U.P) vide letter dated “Nil” received on 08/05/95 says, “… TA bill in O.S. No. 319/84 before Civil Judge, Deoband (U.P.)… We forward herewith a draft… towards payment of your attendance fee bill for giving evidence on several dates in the above case…”
  1. The Chief Manager, Union Bank of India, Zonal Office, Bangalore, vide letter dated 25/07/87 says, “We wish to inform that the suit O.S. 99/80 before Sub-Judge, Ramachandrapuram (A.P.) is posted for your Cross examination and the Hon’ble Court has insisted for your presence positively. We request you to make yourself convenient to attend the Court on…..at Ramachandrapuram A.P.).”

    7 (a). The Branch Manager, Union Bank of India, Connaught Place, New Delhi vide letter dated 17/05/97 says, “….Export International Vs. Union Bank of India in Tis Hazari Court, Chamber No.15 (fixed) for your presence on 22/05/97 for giving evidence…..an opinion was obtained from your office in the above case….. Now in the above case, we require your presence for giving evidence on behalf of the Bank in this report. We would like to bring to your notice that a fee of Rs….. claimed by you will be paid (after evidence)”.
  2. Sh. A.K. Singh, Hon‘ble Spl. Judge, CBI, Ghaziabad in case CBI vs. Pankaj Kumar Jain (Spl. Case 9/11) vide Attendance Certificate issued on 18.07.11 says, "…….. Today the witness Ashok Kashyap (Handwriting Expert at Delhi) appeared before this court and his evidence was recorded.

    Note: The original documents for examination and opinion were delivered to Ashok Kashyap, Handwriting Expert on ____________ by State Bank of India, Navyug Market, Ghaziabad. As the suspect of the bogus documents was identified through a detailed opinion, the evidence of the expert was recorded during the department enquiry lasting several attendances at SBI, Main Branch, Ghaziabad. Thereafter, his evidence was also recorded against the accused before Hon'ble Spl. Judge, CBI, Ghaziabad.
.................................... Court Evidence in 5 Nationalized Bank Cases
  1. Shri Amit Cowshish, Commissioner for Departmental Enquiries, Central Vigilance Commission (Govt. of India), New Delhi vide summons dated 03/06/92says, “I have been appointed as an Enquiring Authority. It is considered that your evidence is material. You are requested to appear before me at State Bank, Zonal Office, Dehradun (for giving evidence).…...”

    9(a). Shri A.R. Malhotra, Commissioner for Departmental Enquiries, Jam Nagar House, New Delhi, Central Vigilance Commissioner, (Govt. of India) vide summons dated 29/11/90 says, “…I have been appointed as an Enquiry Authority to enquire against … Officer S.B.I., New Delhi. It is considered that your evidence is material in the said enquiry. You are therefore, requested to appear before me on 10/01/91 (for giving evidence).…...."

    9(b). Shri S.P.N. Singh, Commissioner for Departmental Enquiries, Commission (Govt. of India), Satarkata Bhawan, GPO Complex, INA, New Delhi vide summons dated 11/008/1999 says “…I have been appointed as an Enquiry Officer to inquire into the charges framed against Shri …….. Cash Officer Punjab National Bank… It is considered that your evidence is material to the said inquiry…. You are therefore, requested to appear before the undersigned from 20 to 23 Sept. 1999 at 10:00 AM at New Delhi (for giving evidence)….”

    .......................... Appearance in 3 matters before the Cenral Vigilance Commission as a Witness
Shri S. Ranghunath, Chief Officer, (Vigilance), Central Office, Andhra Bank , Hyderabad vide letter dated 25/01/85 says, “… I understand that you are one of the leading consultants for handwritings and fingerprints. I have also learnt that your services are utilized by many of the Govt. of India Undertakings besides Govt. Departments. As there are some cases for consultation in handwriting, I would like to know from you the time you will take for giving your opinion on questioned writings” . ............................................... Bank Recognition
 Bank Appreciations
  1. Sh. V.A.P. Mallan, Divisional Manager, Canara Bank, Divisional Office, Chandigarh vide his letter dated 05/03/94 says, “……we highly appreciate the structure of (your) report, which is very clear in nature and enables us to have a breakthrough in the conspiracy”................................. Appreciation by a Nationalized Bank
  2. Sh. S.K. Soni, Chief Enquiries, New Bank of India, Head Office, Tolstoy Marg, New Delhi, vide letter dated 08/07/89 says, “…... I recommend that Pt. Ashok Kashyap’s name may please be but on the Bank’s Panel for availing of his services as and when required. It may be added that the Bank has already availed of his services in certain cases and I have found him competent in the field” ............................... ............................Recommendation for Empanelment with the Bank


American Express Bank, AMRO Bank, ANZ Grindlays Bank, Bank of America, Citibank, Deutsche Bank, HDFC Bank, HSBC Bank, Rashtriya Banijya Bank Kathmandu, Nepal Grindlays Bank, Kathmandu (Nepal), Standard Chartered Bank, RHB Bank, Behrad-Malaysia
..........11 Foreign Banks
  1. The Asstt. Manager (Branch Operations & Support Service) American Express Bank, New Delhi vide letter dated 10.03.04 says, “In this regard, please verify and submit your opinion.”

  2. The Manager (Operations) ANZ Grindlays Bank, Sansad Marg, New Delhi vide letter dated 24/09/94 says, “…. Please submit your findings (opinion) to enable us to proceed.”
  3. The Manager, RCC North, ANZ Grindlays Bank, Connaught Place, New Delhi vide letter dated 05/06/99 says, “…. We request you to kindly investigate the questioned documents (received form our Chennai Office).”
  4. Asst. Vice President, Axis Bank, Jeevan Tara Building, Parliament Street, New Delhi vide letter dated 20/03/2010 says, “…Further in reference to your telephonic discussion, enclosed please find the following documents for your perusal.”
  5. The Asstt. Vice President, Bank of America vide letter dated 29/04/80 says, “We would appreciate receiving your opinion about the authenticity of the signatures.”
  6. Citi Bank (Consumer Services Group) Jeewan Bharti Bldg., New Delhi vide Letter dated 04/08/90 say, "… I am forwarding to you through your appointed person …. Two sets of documents…. (for verification of signatures).…."
  7. J. Sagar Associates, Advocates, R.K. Puram, New Delhi vide letter dated 30.11.92 say, "……..We would request you to carry out Handwriting comparison investigations for our clients — Deutsche Bank. We are enclosing for your investigations…………. Documents namely ……. We would appreciate your detailed scrutiny and report."
  8. Head (Insp. Dept.) Deutsche Bank, Tolstoy Marg, New Delhi, vide his letter dated 18/12/96 says, “…..We request you to examine and compare the writings and signatures with the comparative material shown to you.”
  9. HSBC Bank, Mumbai…..encloses a cashier’s order book dated 06/03/09….. in payment of opinion fee bills (for comparison & opinion) invoice No. PFSM6H031208.”
  1. The Asst. Manager (Internal Audit) Nepal Grindlays Bank Ltd., Kathmandu, vide his letter dated 04/02/91 says, “Our Delhi Office has recommended your name for handwriting verification. We are interested in verifying handwriting on a ….” (for opinion)

  1. Sh. Anup Kundu, Sr. Manager Standard Chartered Bank, (Operations Department), Express Building, Bahadurshah Zafar Marg, New Delhi-2 vide letter dated 14th May, 2010, says, “We request you to give us the opinion on the signatures.”

  2. Citi Bank (Consumer Services Group) Jeewan Bharti Bldg., New Delhi vide letter dated 04/08/90 say, “… I am forwarding to you through your appointed person …. Two sets of documents…. (for verification of signatures).….”
  1. Sh. P.K. Upadhyaya, General Manager, Rashtriya Banijya Bank, Kathmandu (Nepal) says, “….. Your report on the suspected documents has been delivered to the Rashtriya Bank. On behalf of this Bank, let me have the privilege of expressing my sincere thanks for the findings and observations. I appreciate your meticulous, dedicated and scientifically accurate examination of suspected documents. I would gladly invite you, whenever such occasion calls for”
    ....................Appreciation by a Foreign Bank
  1. The A.G.M., Rashtriya Banijya Bank, H.O. Kathmandu (Nepal) vide telegram dated 30/05/84 says, "Our Law Officer will receive you at the (Kathmandu) Airport in connection with your deposition (relating to your opinion on the documents forwarded for examination to you) in the (Bank) departmental enquiry at Kathmandu on….."
    ................ Foreign Bank Department Enquiry at Kathmandu, Nepal
  2. Banijya Bank Kathmandu, Nepal vide telegraphic message dated 01/06/1984, says,….. “Accommodation booked for 4th June, 1984. Make travel arrangements (for giving evidence at Kathmandu) accordingly. Our Law Officer will receive you at Airport on 4th June. Letter follows confirm----Banijya Bank.
  1. Sh. R.K. Wahi, Manager Internal Services, Standard Chartered Bank, 10, Sansad Marg, New Delhi vide letter 06/05/2005 says, "…..With reference to the above matter, we append below a communication received from Mr. Ajay Monga, Advocate C/o M/s. S.N. Gupta & Co advising that their matters were listed for 02/05/05 before Sh. R.P. Pandey, Hon‘ble ADJ, Delhi for your evidence" .......... ..........................................................Court Attendance for Evidence
  2. S.I. & Associates & Solicitors Commissioner for Oaths, Commercial Centre, Kuching (Malaysia) vide letter dated 24/03/08 say, "…..As previously communicated to you, subsequent to your examination of the Bank Guarantees (HSBC (M. Bhd.) & RHB (Bhd.) Banks) & Specimen Signatures at (Kualampur) & rendering of your report, you will be required to attend trial of the above case which is now scheduled for continued hearing on 31/03/08 at Sibu, East Malaysia and on other dates as may be fixed by the Hon‘ble Court." ................................................................. Invitation

Alwar-Bharatpur Anchalik Grameena Bank, Alaknanda Grameena Bank, Andhra Pragati Grameena Bank, The Bombay Mercantile Co-operative Bank, Delhi Nagrik Sahakari Bank, Ghaziabad Zila Sakari Bank Ltd., Haryana Kshetriya Grameena Bank, Hindon Grameena Bank, Hissar Co-operative Bank, INS Vysya Bank, The Janata Co-operative Bank Ltd., The Kangra Co-operative Bank Ltd., Madanpalle Co-operative Bank, Malabar North Grameen Bank, The Marwad Grameena Bank, Mugberia Central Co-operative Bank Ltd., Muzaffarnagar Kshetriya Grameena Bank, Meerut District Co-operative Bank, The Marwad Grameena Bank, Nagarjuna Grameena Bank, Rajasthan Grameena Bank, South Malabar Grameena Bank, Uttar Pradesh Grameen Bank, The Vaish Co-operative New Bank Ltd. and Vidur Gramin Bank.
....................................................................................... 25 BANKS

Axis Bank, Centurian Bank, Federal Bank, (Kerala), The Dhanalakshmi Bank Ltd. Trissur (Kerala), HDFC Bank, Indusind Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Karur Vysya Bank, Catholic Syrian Bank, Sangli Bank Limited, South Malabar Bank, Mallapuram (Kerala), The Traders Bank Limited, Tamil Nadu Mercantile Bank Ltd., UTI Bank and Vysya Bank.
........................................................................................ 15 BANKS

  1. The Chairman, Alaknanda Grameen Bank, Pauri Garhwal (Uttrakhand), vide letter dated 17/08/96 says, “Please find enclosed D.D. No….. as payment of balance amount of your opinion fee bill…..”

  2. Chief Manager, Alwar Bharatpur Anchalik Grameena Bank (H.O.), Bharatpur (Raj) vide letter dated 31/01/94 says, “Please find enclosed a cheque for Rs….. towards your bill for opinion fee.”
  3. Authorized Signatory, Axis Bank Ltd., Bahadurgarh, (Haryana) vide letter in 2010 says, “…We seek your opinion report on the signatures pertaining to payment made vide cheuque No. 4393 dated 20/05/2010”.
  4. The Branch Manager, The Bombay Mercantile Cooperative Bank, Darya Ganj, Delhi vide Letter dated 25/11/85 says, "We are forwarding the following documents for your opinion."
  5. The Sr. Manager, Centurion Bank Ltd., Noida vide letter dated 08/01/99 says, “…As discussed, we are enclosing the following documents for your perusal and scrutiny.”
  6. The Manager, Delhi Nagrik Sahkari Bank Ltd., Subzimandi, Delhi vide letter dated 11/11/87 says, "We take this opportunity to appreciate services being rendered by you in sorting our problems arising from the fraudulent activities of certain elements in banking operations… We enclose herewith our Cash payment order… in payment of your bill for fee." ..................................................................Bank Appreciation
  7. Sh. A.K. Ramalingam, The AGM (Vig.), The Dhanalakshmi Bank Ltd., Corporate Office, Thrissur (Kerala) vide letter dated 11/03/03 says, "Please find enclosed a Demand Draft for Rs…………...(towards your opinion fee)."
  8. The Sr. Manager (Development), Ghaziabad Zila Sahakari Bank, Ghaziabad vide letter dated 26/12/89 says, “Kindly submit your valuable signatures report as early as possible.”
  9. The General Manager, Haryana Kshetriya Bank, Bhiwani vide letter dated 19/06/91 says, “…We have to obtain a report in connection with some accounts ….. for tallying the handwriting.”
  10. The Manager (Inspection), Hindon Grameen Bank, Ghaziabad vide dated 30/11/92 says, “We require your expertise report on the following documents.”
  11. The Branch Head, Indus Ind. Bank Ltd., Nehru Place Branch, New Delhi vide letter dated 19/07/2000 says, “Please acknowledge receipt of the said enclosed (documents) herewith & favor us with your opinion as soon as possible.
  12. The Divisional Manager, Karur Vysya Bank, Divisional Office, New Delhi vide letter dated 21/07/90 says, “…Kindly acknowledge receipt of the enclosures.”
  13. The Branch Manager, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Greater Kailash Branch, New Delhi vide letter dated 06/08/2004 says, “…We forward herewith copies of under noted cheques. The signatures on which have been disputed…. We shall be glad if you submit your report to us at the earliest."
  14. Meerut Distt. Cooperative Bank Ltd., Meerut (U.P.) vide letter dated 09/10/87 says, “Please find enclosed herewith a pay order… in payment of your bill…(for your opinion)”.
  15. The Sr. Manager, Muzaffarnagar Grameena Bank, Muzaffarnagar (U.P.) vide letter dated 04/12/2001 says, “Please find enclose D.D. for Rs….. in payment of your bill.”
  16. The Chairman, Nagarjuna Grameena Bank, H.O. Khammam (A.P.) vide letter of 1992 says, “Send your expert Opinion on the disputed thumb impression at an early date.”
  17. Sh. Joseph Mathew., Sr. Manager (Inspection), South Malabar Grameena Bank, HO Mallapuram, Kerala vide letter 10/04/01 says, “We would like to know your expert opinion on ….”
  1. The General Manager, UTI Bank Ltd., Barakhamba Road, New Delhi vide letter dated 09/02/96 says, “…. With reference to your discussions during your course of visit to our branch in regard to lifting of (latent) fingerprints from computer machines, we are pleased to entrust the job on the following terms and conditions”. ……... LIFTING, DEVELOPMENT & OPINION ON FINGERPRINTS
  1. The Executive Officer, The Vaish Co-op. Bank, New Delhi, vide letter dated 3/09/1989 says, "… We shall appreciate if you send us your report early."
  1. Chief Manager, Alwar-Bharatpur Zonal Grameen Bank, Head Office : 1, Krishna Nagar, Bharatpur vide letter dated 31/07/95 says, “…..Whenever contacted by our officers, you are requested to attend the Bank Department Enquiry at Alwar (Rajasthan) against Sh._________ (to give evidence on ____________).”

  2. Asst. General Manager, Karur Vysya Bank (Personnel Administration Department) Central Office, KARUR (Tamil Nadu) vide letter dated 24/05/2005 says, “…..This has reference to your letter dated 04/05/2005 requesting us to pay Rs. ….. towards your attendance fees for attending the enquiry proceedings at our Vijayawada Divisional Office on 03/05/2005. We thank you very much for attending the enquiry at a short notice and also for giving your evidence in this case at (Vijayavada)…………(An Air Ticket from Vijayawada to Delhi shall be handed over to you after your evidence is over).”


Asstt. Commissioner of Customs IGI Airport New Delhi, Asstt. Commissioner of Customs, Asstt. Commissioner Income Tax, I.C.D. New Delhi, Assitant Director (G.I.), Directorate of Revenue Intelligence, New Delhi, AVIL Oil India Ltd., BHEL, B.P.C.L., BSES Rajdhani Power Limited Delhi, BSES Yamuna Power Limited, Central Vigilance Commission New Delhi, Excise Deptt. (Daman & Diu), Central Road Research Institute, Coal India Ltd, Co-Optex Society Ltd., Council of Small Industries Corporation of India, Council of Scientific & Industrial Research, Cement Research Institute of India, DEBT Recovery Tribunals, Ministry of Finance, Indian Oil Corporation, Govt. of India (New Delhi, Nagpur & Mumbai) Enforcement Department, Ministry of Home Affairs New Delhi, Delhi Transco Limited, Directorate General of Anti Evasion (Central Excise) New Delhi, Food Corporation of India, H.P.C.L., Hindustan Fertilizer Corporation, H.C.L., H.D.F.C., I.B.P. Company Ltd., Indian National Scientific Documentation Centre, Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Urban Academy, New Delhi, Indian Airlines, Indian Institute of Space Science & Technology, Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala), The Industrial Finance Corporation of India Limited, Indian Oil Refineries, Mathura, Institute of Chartered Accountants, Indian Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Gurgaon, Institute of National Scientific Documentation Centre, I.E.L. Ltd., I.P.C.L., LIC Jaipur, LIC Delhi, LIC Salem, LIC Chennai, N.P.C.C., Railway Board, The New India Assurance Company Ltd., National Book Trust of India, North Delhi Power Limited, (Delhi Police, Sales Tax & Income Tax Departments), NTPC, Nepal Airlines, Rajasthan Transport Corporation, Steel Authority of India, Survey of India, Unit Trust of India, Transport Corporation of India, Ministry of science and techonology (Dept of scientific & industrial research).
............................................. (53 GOVERNMENT UNDERTAKINGS)
Aligarh Muslim University, Delhi University, Faizabad University, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi & Meerut University.
Note : Expert Kashyap appeared in a department enquiry case pending before “JAMIA MILIA ISLAMIA” university, Jungpura, New Delhi.
  1. Shri A.K.P. Unni, Addl. Executive Director (Estt. T & M.P.P.), Railway Board, New Delhi, vide letter dated 02/05/86 says, "…The sanction of the President is hereby communicated to an amount of Rs. ….. being paid to Ashok Kashyap, Handwriting Expert in connection with the examination of documents. This issues with the concurrence of the Finance Directorate of the Deptt. Of Railway."
  1. Shri R. C. Meena (Deputy Commissioner of Excise), Daman vide vide letter dated 01/07/2015 says, "…The union territory administration of Daman has a pending excise case before the Hon'ble Administrtor relating to suspected excise duty.....for the purpose we will deput our 2 advocates Mr. Rupesh Kumar and Mr. Shrishailya Deshmukh alongwith Sh. Subash V. Damania, H.C. Daman to show you the originals of the registers and obtain your report.....For this purpose we will show you the originals of these registers at time convenient to you."
  2. Sh. Ashish Kundra,(Deputy Commissioner of Excise), Daman vide vide letter dated 03/03/2016 says, "In appeal No. 10/2014, joint commissioner of excise of Dman & Diu, Excise Deptt, Daman, Deputy Secreatary (Finance), Daman, Deputy Secretary (Taxation), Daman, Krimpi Distillery Pvt. Ltd. Kadia, Daman, Commissioner of Excise, Excise Deptt., Daman..... respondents says... " the counncil for the appellants submitted that Mr. Kashyap is very renowned expert in the field and submitted a copy of his credentials for purusal and was also of the opinion that they (respondents) can cross-examination him in any case.....parties be informed next date of hearing is fixed in June,2016 for cross examining forensic expert (Ashok Kashyap).
  1. DCP (NCH), New Delhi, Office of the Commissioner of Customs (G), New Customs House, New Delhi vide letter dated 19/07/02 says, "This office is enclosing the following documents (for your opinion)."

  2. Asst. Commissioner of Customs, Tugalkabad, New Delhi vide letter dated 09/06/03 says, "A detailed report is requested at the earliest please."
  3. Asst. Director of Income Tax (Investigations) Ghaziabad vide letter dated 08/05/97 says, "I am referring this matter to you (with a view to obtain the expert opinion)."
  1. Sh. B. K. Banerjee, Assistant Director (G.I.), Directorate of Revenue Intelligence, I. P. Estate, New Delhi vide Letter dated 02/12/2014, says "……….Please refer to your email sent to Shri Satish Aggarwala, Senior Public Prosecutor and discussion made with him on the subject issue. In this regard, you are hereby engaged as per your terms and conditions to assist Shri Satish Aggarwala in cross examining the cases and providing the expert opinion to Shri Satish Aggarwala in the Hon‘ble Courts on behalf of DRI, wherein, the handwriting of the persons/witnesses are questioned……"

    5a) Sh. Satish Aggarwala, Advocate, Senior Central Govt. Counsel, Delhi High Court, New Delhi vide Letter dated 24/12/2014, says "……I refer to letter No. 354/XVIII/28/2012-G dated 02.12.2014 of the Assistant Director (GI), Directorate of Revenue Intelligence, New Delhi addressed to you with copy to me…… The matter is now listed on 13 and 14.01.2015 before Special Judge, NDPS Cases, Saket, New Delhi for cross-examination of ……… (Forensic Expert of CFSL). You have to reach the said court at 10:00 a.m. ……."
  1. The Presiding Officer, Debts Recovery Tribunal, Govt. of India, Ministry of Finance, C.G.O. Complex, Seminary Hills, Nagpur-440006 vide Letter dated 22/10/2003 says, "…With reference to the subject noted above, I am herewith forwarding D.D…. towards Commissioner‘s Fees in respect of Handwriting Expert Report in O.A. 421/01 – Bank of India Vs. Ajay."
  2. Sh. N. Krishna Pillai, Registrar I/C, Debts Recovery Tribunal-1, Government of India, Ministry of Finance, (Banking Division), Scindia House, House, Ballard Estate, N. M. Marg, Mumbai vide letter dated 21/10/10 says, "…The Hon‘ble Presiding Officer of this Tribunal vide order dated 12/10/10 in O.A. 1592/00 and O.A. 1657/2000 pending before this Tribunal for adjudication of Bank‘s debts has directed to forward herewith the following documents for your kind verification………………"
  3. The Dy. Director, Directorate General of Anti–Evasion (Central Excise), West Block–VIII, Wing – III, (Presently Director General of Central Excise Intelligence, West Block VIII, Wing - VI, R.K. Puram, New Delhi) vide letter dated 06/11/98 says, "You are requested to give your report at the earliest."
  4. The Dy. Director, Enforcement Directorate (Govt. of India) Khan Market, New Delhi vide letter dated 24/03/2000 says, "…Enclosed find following documents for your opinion."
  5. The Registrar, Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (A Deemed to be University), Govt. of India, Department of Space, Valimala, P.O. Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) vide Letter dated 18/03/2015, says "This is to acknowledge that the institute sought and obtained professional services of Shri Ashok Kashyap of New Delhi on a matter in his professional expertise was helpful to the institute."
  6. The Dy. Financial Advisor, Northern Railway, Baroda House, New Delhi vide letter dated 15/01/90 says, "…You are requested to give your professional opinion on documents."
  7. Sh. Parmod Kumar, Chief Electrical Distribution Engg., Northern Railway, Baroda House, New Delhi vide letter dated 01/03/2016 says, "…Please check that there is any owerwritting on the signature of EMD verification of Punjab National Bank official i.e 21/09/2011 or otherwise"
  8. The Asst. Registrar, Firms, Societies and Chits, Moradabad (U.P.) vide Letter dated 06/02/2012, says "……After the comparison of the signatures of the following persons with their specimen signatures, the report may be submitted to the undersigned……."
  9. The Manager (Accounts), I.E.L. Ltd., Kanpur vide letter dated 18/02/88 says, "…With reference to your bill for professional services, find enclosed a cheque towards your (opinion fee)."
  10. The Addl. Secretary, Disciplinary Committee, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, New Delhi, vide letter dated 17/05/91 says, "…The original documents and file may please be returned with your opinion."
  11. Mr. Anurag Sharma, Sr. Executive Officer, Disciplinary Directorate, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, New Delhi, vide Letter dated …… document received on 28.12.2013 says, "…….. We are herewith submitting the requisite documents for obtaining the handwriting expert opinion in the matter....... Kindly submit the report at the earliest."
  12. Sh. R.K. Meena, Director, Survey of India, Office of the Director, Western Printing Group, Delhi Cantt. Vide letter dated 07.11.2012 says, "Shri ………… who is working as Assistant in this office had forged signature of Shri ….., Works Manager, who was working as Drawing & Disbursing Officer and deposited the license fee on two occasions at the Directorate of Estate Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi. You are requested to report for genuinity of signature on letters, Annexed I & II and original specimen signature of Shri ……, Works Manager, is attached."
  1. Sh. Div. Manager, LIC, Division Office-1, Chennai vide letter dated 31/03/99 says, "…Thank you very much for your report."
  2. The Manager (P & IR), LIC, Divisional Officer-II, Anita Colony, Opp. Gandhi Nagar Rly. Station, Jaipur, (Raj) vide letter dated 30/08/10 says, "….We shall be thankful, if the report is received by us within seven days of receipt of this letter."
  3. The Branch Manager, The New India Assurance Company Limited, Laxman House, Asaf Ali Road, New Delhi vide letter dated 30/03/1998 says "…We are inclosing herewith ……….................. You are requested to kindly examine and tally that whether the thumb impression pertains to the same lady or not…. Your early report in this regard is highly appreciated."
  1. The Chief R.M., Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., New Delhi, vide letter dated 12/06/91 says, "…We are enclosing documents for verification of signatures. Kindly return the documents with your report."
  2. The Dy. Manager (Vigilance), N.T.P.C. Ltd., New Delhi vide letter dated 04/02/91 says, "…We request you to give your detailed report at the earliest."
  3. The Asstt. Manager (Vig.), Steel Authority of India vide letter dated 06/02/83 says, "… You are requested to kindly give your learned opinion on the signatures."
  4. Shri B.L. Bahl, General Manager, Unit Trust of India, New Delhi vide letter dated 05/10/81 says, "…We shall be glad to have your expert opinion immediately"
  5. The Manager Operations I/C, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (A Govt. of India Enterprise), Meerut Territory Office, Kaiser Ganj, Meerut (U.P.) vide Letter dated 17.10.2013, says "….. Expert opinion on comparison of signatures….. Reference telecom undersigned had with you on date. We are sending herewith the following: (document sent for the comparison of the suspected signatures with the standard material)…….."
  6. The Director, Cement Research Institute of India, New Delhi vide his letter dated 19/10/77 says, "…I shall be glad to receive your report."
  1. Shri A.P. Mehrotra, Vice Chancellor, Avadh University, Faizabad vide letter dated 19/09/82 says, "… You are requested to send me your report early."
  2. The Assistant Registrar, Aligarh Muslim University vide letter dated 12/11/92 says, "…This is to inform you that Aligarh Muslim University desires to engage you for giving your expert opinion. Please intimate your fee for the above work."
  3. Prof. Mujahid Beg, Proctor, Aligharh Muslim University, Aligarh vide Letter dated 09.07.2011, says "……I feel pleasure to inform you that the Hon‘ble Vice-Chancellor has been pleased to appoint you as Examiner of "Questioned Documents" pertaining to the impersonation cases discovered during the Entrance tests and admissions conducted by Aligarh Muslim University……."
  4. Prof. Ramadhikari Kumar, Chief Proctor, Jawaharlal Nehru University, J.N.U., New Delhi vide letter dated 06/05/02 says, "... You are requested to examine these handwritings and give your opinion about its tallying with the documents mark (X)."
  5. Shri R.I. Singh, Vice Chancellor, Meerut Uninversity, Meerut vide letter dated 15/03/83 says, "…Your bill (for professional services) may be sent alongwith opinion."
  6. Sh. R. N. Iyer, Joint Registrar, University of Delhi vide Letter dated 23/06/2000, says "…… Please give your report at the earliest…"

............................................................................. (5 Universities)

Shri P. Gopikumaran Nair, Asstt. Secretary, Chief Commissioner‘s Secretariat, Port Blair, Andman Nicobar Administration vide his letter dated 06/03/79 says, "….Kindly let me know the details of your fee etc., for the job." ......................................PROFESSIONAL ENQUIRY

The East India Hotels Ltd., Hayat Regency, Imperial Hotel, Intercontinental Hotel, Janpath Hotel, Nepal Hotels Pvt. Ltd. (Kathmandu, Nepal), Oberoi Maidens Hotel, The Park Hotel, Park Royal (New Delhi) and Taj Palace Inter-continental (New Delhi)
.................................(10 Hotels)
  1. Shri N.K. Kapoor, Chief Accountant, Hotel Oberoi inter-continental, Dr. Zakir Hussain Marg, New Delhi-110003 vide Letter dated 14.10.1982 says, "……….In connection with the report submitted by you about Mr. A.K.G., you are requested to please present yourself before our Enquiry Officer on 16.10.1982 at Hotel Oberoi Maidens at 2 P.M."
BHEL, BPCL, BSES Rajdhani Power Limited, LIC City Centre-Gwalior, Commissioner of Departmental Enquiry-Jamnagar House-CVC-New Delhi, Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination, New Delhi, Delhi Transco Limited, DRT-Nagpur, EIH Limited-Delhi, Haryana Finance Corporation-Faridabad, HDFC, I.P.C.L.-Vadodara, Indian Airlines-IGI Airport, New Delhi, Indian Oil Corporation, Institute of Chartered Accountants, L.I.C., Municipal Corporation of Delhi, N.P.C.C., N.T.P.C., National Book Trust, NDPL, New India Assurance Ltd., State Farms Corporation of India
.........participation in Department Enquiries in atleast 25 Government Undertakings cases held for evidence
  1. The Chief Vigilance & Security Officer, Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited, Noida (U.P.) vide communication dated 18/05/2000 says, "…We are remitting a sum of Rs. _____ vide cheque No. _____ dated ____ the payment for attendance fee and the cost of preparation of cross examination."

  2. Sh. M.J. Mohan, Chief Staff & I.R. Manager (NR), Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, E.C.E House, Connaught Circus, New Delhi-110001 vide letter dated 24/04/95 says, "…...This has reference to the enquiry in which you had testified as a management witness on 08/04/95 and 21/04/95. We appreciate your active participation in the enquiry against our staff…. We hope to receive your co-operation in future also."
  3. Senior Manager, T.P.T.-N.R. B.P.C.L., Noida Regional Office Letter dated 4/7/98 says, "........ Award of investigation job (Assets verification) ........We are pleased to inform you that the above mentioned job has been awarded to you on the following terms and condition ........"
  4. Shri S.K. Sarvaria, Hon‘ble Addl. District Judge, (Room No. 318 3rd Floor, Tis Hazari Court, Delhi) vide summons issued on 17/11/2004 in case Bharat Petroleum Corp. Ltd., Vs. Ramesh Chandra in Suit No. 182/2003 says, "…Whereas your attendance is required to …. on behalf of Bharat Petroleum Corp. Ltd. (Plaintiffs) … in the above suit, you are hereby required (personally) to appear before this Court on the 10/12/2004 at 10:00 AM… (to give evidence)."
  1. Mr. Xavier Pinto, Deputy Secretary, Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, Nehru Place, New Delhi-110019 vide letter dated 07/02/1995 says, “…..An opinion was obtained for you about the signatures of a certificate in the month on Nov. 1993. A domestic enquiry is being held against the Charge-sheeted Employee who submitted the said certificate. We shall be thankful, if you make it convenient to attend the domestic enquiry on 8th Feb. 1994 at 3.30 P.M. at the council’s office at Nehru Place, New Delhi”.

    Note: It is interesting that in the above matter not only the evidence was recorded in the departmental enquiry but also before the Hon’ble Metropolitan Magistrate, Patiala House, New Delhi in a criminal complaint.

Summons Received from the Ministry, Science of Technology, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, New Delhi.
  1. Dr. S.R. Korada, Malaviya Nagar, New Delhi-110017 (Chargesheeted Employee) vide letter dated 18/04/2005 says, “…..I am enclosing a copy of the summons issued by Hon’ble Shri A.K.Garde, the Inquiring Authority requesting your personal appearance in Ministry of Science and Technology. Technology Bhawan, New Mehrauli Road, New Delhi-110016 on 18 th April, 2005 at 10.30 hours to depose your witness as a defence witness. Since your presence in the inquiry proceedings is being solicited to defend me in a departmental inquiry proceeding contemplated against me. It would be our honor to treat you as our most valued guest ……………………………….”

    6(a). Dr. S.R. Korada, Senior Scientific Officer, Ministry of Science & Technology, Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (Govt. of India) Technology Bhawan, New Delhi vide letter dated 18/04/06says, “…..I sincerely thank you and your office for coming to my rescue when I was facing a turbulent phase of my life…..As you are aware that the Government Examiner of Questioned Documents (GEQD), Shimla, concluded (through his report submitted to the Department that I am the author for a forgery…..and my department accordingly charge-sheeted me as well as placed me under immediate suspension pending departmental inquiry…..I was lucky in finding you and your office to counter the GEQD, Shimla’s report, by pin-pointing scientific & technical lacunae associated with the report. Further, I am extremely happy that you withstood the cross-examination of the opposite party. You were highly confident in the inquiry proceedings and did not yield to any pressure tactics of the opposition…..Your report, analysis, testimony and above all your presence itself was a hall mark in the inquiry proceedings, which ultimately helped me in getting exoneration in the departmental inquiry. I sincerely pray the God that he should grace you good health and conditions so that you can render your help to needy people like me….. I shall remain grateful and indebted to you and remember you forever …”
    ..............Glorious Compliment...
    ..............G.E.Q.D., Simla opinion disbelieved

    Note: The documents in this case were referred by The Director (Admn.) Scientist „F', Govt. of India, Min. of Science & Technology, Department of Scientific & Industrial Research, Technology Bhawan, New Mehrauli Road, New Delhi for opinion to GEQD, Simla. The opinion dated 06/05/2004 was received which implicated Shri S.R. Korda for committing alleged foregery. A detailed list of cross examination queries was prepared and in absence of the GEQD, Simla who was supposed to be present at the department enquiry, the Enquiry Officer was apprised of the technical lacunae available in his report.

    The exoneration of Dr. S.R. Korada was ensured to the utmost & Gracious satisfaction of the Learned Enquiry Officer. The letter of appreciation detailed above was in sequel to my successful participation in the department enquiry. ………….............................…….Monumental Professional Success

Electricity Companies References

  1. Sh. Mukesh Kr. Sharma, Inv. Officer, (Vigilance) BSES Rajdhani/Yamuna Power Ltd., Office of C.M. (Vigilance), C.R. Park, New Delhi-19 vide Letter dated 27.02.06 says, "……Please find enclosed photocopy of questioned document marked ‗Q‘ along with two nos. of photocopies of different handwritings there-on marked S-1 & S-2. In connection with the investigation of a case, it is required to verify which of the two handwriting specimens matches with the questioned document. It is requested to please provide the invoice for the same."
  2. Sh. A.K. Grade, Inquiring Authority, of BSES Yamuna Power Ltd., Vigilance Cell : H.R. Department, C.R. Park, New Delhi vide summons dated 05.03.2007 says, "……..I am the Inquiring Authority in the proceedings against _______, A.G.-III, E. No. __________. Your evidence is considered material. You are advised to appear before me on 22.03.2007 at 10.30 A.M. at BSES Rajdhani Power Ltd., C.R. Park New Delhi to tender your evidence."
  3. Sh. T.S. Thomas, Inquiry Officer, AMT SG (O&M), Delhi Transco Limited vide letter dated 19/09/07 says, "…..I have been appointed Inquiry Authority vide order No….. to inquire into the charges framed against…... You have been cited as a witness in the said case. Since I consider your evidence to be relevant and material in the matter under inquiry, you are requested to attend the hearing on 21/09/07 at….. to tender your evidence………………….…"
  4. Sh. V.P. Garg, Inquiry Officer, TATA Power Delhi Distribution Limited, Wazirpur, Delhi vide Letter dated 05/01/2015, says "…….. I am to inform you that Departmental Inquiry against ………. Sr. Associate, is being conducted by me as Inquiry Officer at the above mentioned address on 15th January, 2015 at 02-00 PM. You are a material witness in this case. Please attend the departmental inquiry at the time and place mentioned above as a witness….."
  1. The Registrar, Debts Recovery Tribunal, Ministry of Finance, Government of India, C.G.O. Complex, Nagpur vide letter dated 23/07/03 says, " …. I am directed to enclose herewith, the Warrant of Commission signed by the Hon‘ble Presiding Officer of this Tribunal in O.A. 144/1 appointing you as an Expert to examine the disputed document i.e. Deed of Guarantee dated 18/08/1982."

  2. The Manager, Haryana Finance Corporation, Nehru Ground, N.I.T., Faridabad vide letter dated 30/03/2006 says, "…..Enclosed please find herewith a cheque….for a sum of Rs….. being the Court Attendance Fee (at Faridabad District Court) as per your bill…...….in the captioned case."
  3. Sh. Prabhat Nagar, General Manager-Legal Affairs, EIH Limited, Corporate office, Delhi-110054 vide letter dated 12/03/1999 says, "…...We are sending herewith cheque No…… in full and final settlement of your Bill dated 25/01/99 for attending the case titled : Ajay Kr. Goel Vs. The Oberoi, New Delhi on 25/01/99 pending before Shri S. Yadav, Presiding Officer, Labor Court, Tis Hazari, Delhi."
  4. Mr. Manish Jerath, Sr. Officer (Accounts), Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited, HDFC House, Safdarjung Enclave, DDA Commercial Complex, New Delhi-110029 vide letter dated 08/03/94 says, "…..Kindly find enclosed a cheque for …..in settlement of your bill representing full and final payment. This represents the attendance fee for 5 visits (for attending Departmental Enquiry)."
  5. The Asstt. Commissioner, (Manager Marketing), Indian Airlines, I.G.I. Airport, New Delhi vide letter dated 02/07/90 says, "You are requested to attend the enquiry to record your statement with regard to your report."
  6. The Manager (P&A), Indian Oil Corporation, Mathura Oil Refinery vide letter dtd. 5.9.92 says, "........ Your presence is necessary before the Enquiry Officer as Management‘s witness at Mathura Refinery. Please confirm your availability."
  7. Sh. M.D. Jain, Inquiring Authority & Officer on Special Duty, Indian Petro-Chemical Ltd., Vadodara, vide summons dated 15/05/99 says, "…..Whereas your attendance is required to give evidence/produce documents on behalf of the Disciplinary Authority in the above Departmental Inquiry, you are hereby required (personally) to appear before this inquiring Authority (at Vadodara LPCL Complex) on the 21st day of May, 99 at 10.00 hrs."
  8. Sh. G.D. Khurana, Additional Secretary, Disciplinary Committee, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Indtraprastha Marg, New Delhi-110002 vide letter dated 05/01/1991 says, "…..The Disciplinary Committee has decided to examine you as an expert witness to seek further clarifications from you in the presence of ….. For this purpose, you are requested to appear before the Committee on 6th July, 1991 at 10.30 A.M. in the office of the Institute at New Delhi."
  9. The Manager, (L&HPF), Life Insurance Corporation of India, Divisional Office, 'Jeevan Prakash‘ City Centre, Gwalior-474011 vide letter dated 01/03/2007 says, "….. The next date of hearing in the above case has been fixed as 07/05/2007. The Hon‘ble Court at Muraina (M.P.) have ordered your presence before them on the said date…………...…………….."
  10. Sh. T.C. Goel, Enquiry Officer, National Book Trust, India, Green Park Extn., New Delhi-110016 vide letter dated 26/10/98 says, "…..While confirming the payment to Shri Ashok Kashyap, the date of next hearing may please be intimated to him on 16/11/1998 at 11.00 a.m. at National Book Trust, India, Green Park Extension, New Delhi."
  11. Sh. K.K. Nair, Personal Officer, National Projects Construction Corporation Limited, Raja House, Nehru Place, New Delhi-110019 vide letter dated 12/02/93 says, "…..We forward a Cheque…..against your bill dated 30/09/92 (towards attending the Deptt. Enquiry)."


Brittania Industries Ltd. (New Delhi), CHELL Communications (New Delhi), Consumer Healthcare Ltd. (Gurgaon), Cutler Hammer India, DLF India Pvt. Ltd., DCM Data Products, DCM Ltd., DCM Financial Service, Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Glaxo Smithkline, Good Year, HCL (Noida), HDFC Corporation Ltd., Hero Motors, Hindustan Lever Limited, Kotak Securities Ltd., Modicare Pvt. Ltd., Modi Xerox (New Delhi), Modi Rubber Ltd., MDH, Escorts Carlson Wagonlit Travel (New Delhi), Ranbaxy (New Delhi), Rubfila International Limited (Palakkad, Kerala), SMS Demac Pvt. Ltd. (New Delhi), Shri Ram Fertilizers Ltd., South Human Right Documentation Centre (New Delhi), TATA AIG Life Insurance Co. Ltd. and Whirlpool Appliances. ..................................................................(28 Companies)
Converges India Service Pvt. Ltd., Hughes Escorts, Mitsubi, Nestle, Pfizer Ltd. (USA), Reckitt Benckiser (India) Ltd. and Aurora Apparel Pvt. Ltd. (A Joint Venture between Tessitura Monti India Pvt. Ltd. & Summer Conf. Sri, Romania) ..................................................(7 MNCs)
  1. The Personnel Manager, Brittania Industries Ltd., New Delhi vide letter dated 14/03/94 says, “….. You are requested to send your report at the earliest.”
  2. Shri Ashok Kumar, Admn. Support Manager, DCM Data Products vide letter dated 15/01/91 says, “…..We have gone through/all the photographs, comparison detection job and other work for identifying the real culprit is highly appreciable (in respect of ......... Development and opinion on latent fingerprints).”
  3. Shri Palash Aggrawal, Head-HR, Ester Industries Limited, Sector 25, Gurgaon (Har.) vide Email dated 26.03.2012, says "…….This refers to our telephonic discussion regarding a small assignment of taking fingerprints from a bag and mapping them with some of the identified persons‘ fingerprints….."
  4. The General Manager, Human Resources, Hughes Escorts Communication Ltd., vide Letter dated 29/12/1998 says, "………….We are enclosing 6 envelopes containing 12 papers suspected to be having latent fingerprints for the purpose of developing and examination. You are required to develop, compare and give scientific opinion as to whether the suspected fingerprints actually match with the specimen fingerprints. We accept you professional charges of Rs….. for this job."
  5. The Manager, Product & Maintenance, HCL Technologies India Private Ltd., Noida (U.P.) vide Letter dated 11/12/98 says, "…… with reference to the discussion held with …… and undersigned, we are pleased to award the contract on the following (terms)."
  6. Mr. Dass Security Officer, Modi Xerox, New Delhi, vide Letter dated 06/05/96 says, "….. We are pleased to place the work order to investigate the matter as discussed with the undersigned on the following terms and conditions…. for Development of latent fingerprints."
  7. Shri V.K. Malik, Manager (Accounts), Modi Rubbers Ltd., vide Letter dtd. 28/03/89 says, "…..Enclosed are the specimen signatures and the disputed documents. We shall be grateful, if you kindly give your expert opinion."
  8. The Managing Director, Nestle India Ltd., Sansad Marg, New Delhi vide Letter dated 15/09/95 says, "……Kindly undertake the same (examination) and let us have your opinion."
  9. The Personnel Manager, (Employee Relations), Ranbaxy laboratories Ltd., Nehru Place, New Delhi vide Letter dated 23/02/99 says, "…As per discussions with you, we accept your quotation of fee."
  10. Shri Ram Fibers Ltd., New Delhi vide Letter dated 15/01/90 says, "…..Further to the discussions…….. and your quotations………… we are pleased to accept your terms for examination of questioned documents."
  1. Shri S.N. Batra, the Mgnt. Representative, DCM Ltd., New Delhi vide letter dated 13/06/91 says, “You are requested to appear as a witness in the enquiry proceedings initiated by DCM Real Estate Division on……”
  2. Rekha Gupta, Officer, Hughes Communications India Ltd., Corporate Office, Electronic City, Gurgaon (Hr.) vide Letter dated 17/01/2013, says "Enclosed please find Cheque no. ……. dated 11/01/2013 drawn on Yes Bank, New Delhi for Rs. 14,400/- (After deduction from the Bill of Rs. 15,000/-) against your invoice dated 12/01/2012 towards payment of your fee for court attendance (Karkardooma Court) on 17 December, 2012."


  1. The Addl. Dy. Commissioner of Police, North District, Delhi vide letter dated 20/08/1998 says, “….. I am handing over certain documents for handwriting comparison. As discussed, the case is very urgent. You may like to examine the matter available and give your opinion at the earliest.”
  1. Dr. A. K. Singh, Hon‘ble Special CBI Judge, (Court No. 1), Ghaziabad, CBI vs. Pankaj Jain vide the Attendance Certificate issued on 05/07/2011 says, "... Today Ashok Kashyap (Handwriting Expert, Delhi) attended the Court (for his deposition to prove his report submitted to State Bank of India, Ghaziabad)." …..…..Attendance Certificate for giving evidence from CBI Court

    2(a) Sh. A.K. Singh, Hon‘ble Spl. Judge, CBI, Ghaziabad in case CBI vs. Pankaj Kumar Jain (Spl. Case 9/11) vide Attendance Certificate issued on 18.7.11 says, "………Today the witness Ashok Kashyap (Handwriting Expert at Delhi) appeared before this court and his evidence was recorded ..…………………...Attendance Certificate for giving evidence from CBI Court

    Note : The original documents for examination and opinion were delivered to Ashok Kashyap, Handwriting Expert, Delhi on __________ by State Bank of India, Navyug market, Ghaziabad. As the suspect of the bogus documents was identified through a detailed opinion, the evidence of the expert was recorded during the department enquiring lasting several attendances at Ghaziabad. Thereafter, a case was registered against the suspect employee which was tried before the Hon'ble Spl. Judge, CBI, Ghaziabad requiring his evidence again.
  2. Sh. M. C. Joshi, Depty Govt. Examiner of Questioned Documents, Shimla summitted his opinion dated 04.08.2009 on disputed signatures in case 7/09 titled CBI vs. Puneet Kumar pending before Hon‘ble Judge of CBI, Ghaziabad. The services of Ashok Kashyap, Handwriting Expert were utilized by the defendant for cross-examining the said Govt. Expert at Ghaziabad.
  1. The Dy. Commissioner of Police, I.G.I. Airport, New Delhi vide letter dated 30/10/1998 says, "….. An appeal filed by…..The actual date on which H.C. Sh. K.S. received the impugned order may be communicated/intimated to this office at the earliest for the perusal of worthy Addl. C.P. (Ops.) Delhi."
  2. The Director (Vig.), Indian Airlines, New Delhi, vide letter dated 20/02/91 says, "…The result of the examination of the documents may please be forwarded to us at an early date."
  3. Shri Hem Chandra, Captain, Quartermaster for commanding officer vide Registered Letter dated 4/12/2010 says, "The enclosed letters are forwarded herewith in sealed envelope of your opinion please. Please return the original letters in a sealed state."
    .......................Military Reference
  4. Shri J. Mendez, Lt. Commander, Trial Judge Court vide summons dated 16/11/11 says, "…….whereas a Court Martial has been ordered to assemble on board of Indian Naval Ship India … on 30th day of August 2011… and require you to attend enquiry …. Summons for witnesses requiring to give evidence before Court Martial".
    ..........................Navy Reference
  5. Shri G.P. Gupta, Director, National Crime Records Bureau, R.K. Puram, New Delhi vide letter dated 05/08/96 says, "I hereby acknowledge with thanks the receipt of the material sent by you. I am sure it is very useful and will serve its purpose for long time."
  6. Sub Inspector of Police, Police Station, Tandur, Ranga Reddy District, (A.P.) vide letter dated 30/08/2011 says "… With reference to subject stated above, (Cr. No. 150/2011U/Sec. 420, 468 470 r/w 34 IPC) … You are requested to furnish the certified documents mentioned above as soon as possible for the purpose of investigation."
  7. Superintendent of Police, Narnaul, (Haryana), vide letter dated 02/06/1993 says, "…… Please hand over all the documents and results (detailed opinion with photo-enlargements) to H.C. Bir Singh bearer of this letter."
  1. Paula Hall Detective, Police Department, South Florida-33323 (USA) vide letter dated 22/01/2007 says, "…..My name is Paula Hall. I am a Detective with the City Civil Court of Sunrise Police Department in South Florida. You and I were in contact via emails, some time ago in regards to performing handwriting comparisons with that of my suspect‘s examplars to a note found on the crime scene…..Please find both one to one photographs and enlargements of the note and one to one photographs of the suspect‘s handwriting examplars for your comparison (opinion)."
    ……..…US Police Reference
  2. Jeff Moy, Private Investigator, Alachua, Florida-32615 (USA) vide Email dated 02/07/2012 says, "...I am a licensed private investigator practicing in the USA (Florida). In that capacity I am acting as a consultant and outside investigator. ...I would like to have the results of your examination at your earliest convenience but no later than July 15"
    ...............American Investigator‘s Reference for Opinion

Sources of Our Assignments:

Detective Agencies, Banks, Universities, Govt. Departments, Private Parties & Hon‘ble Courts from various States in India (including A.P. & Kerala), DRTs & Foreign Clients referring documents for opinion – Identification of smudged and latent Prints a speciality – this Bureau served in the past, Govt. of India‘s Ministry of Home Affairs, Special Police Establishments, Anticorruption Department of Northern Rly., All India Congress Committee, Delhi Police and Police Departments of Several States – work highly appreciated by Bench & Bar all over India and abroad – report usually within a week – Assistance in Cross-Examination of Government & Private Experts Undertaken with relevant Court Rulings and supportive High Court & Supreme Court Judgments including views of Internationally Eminent Authors – Technical Arguments based on Report and Cross Examination of Experts furnished on request.