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handwriting identification



The documents which may be attacked as Questioned Documents may generally consist of a draft, a will, a withdrawal form, an account opening form, a traveller cheque, a tempered agreement, a pronote, a receipt, a gift deed, relinquishment deed, tempered and altered ledger sheets, loan papers, property documents, RTCS, applications, an endorsement, a love letter, an extortion note, a suicide note, a rent receipt, Attendance Register compromise deed, sale deeds, transfer letters, an Election Petition or a typed document, etc. etc.

The examination on the questioned document(s) is in respect of signatures, initials, writings, indented writings, fingerprints, (clear, partial, smudged or latent), watermarks, seals, rubber stamps, revenue stamps, printed matter, typed matter, search for symptoms of fabrication/manipulation in controversial documents requiring ink examination in certain cases, sequence of strokes, interpolations, alterations, erasures, substitution of documents and the nature of pen used etc. etc.

Sometimes the queries may be as to how many persons were involved in the execution of a forged document & what could be the sequence of the contents on the Questioned Documents.


handwriting analysing Appearance for evidence before Hon’ble Courts/Tribunals/ Department Enquiries.
handwriting expert
cross examination Forensic Examination & Photography of documents in courts.
court cases examination
handwriting Preparation, conducting & assisting Attorneys during cross examination supported by the comments of international authorities and prominent court rulings.
handwriting and fingerprint expert in india
Kahhyap's International Foregery Detection Bureau Preparation of technical arguments for Attorneys in arguments before Hon’ble Courts.
pt. Ashok kashyap fingerprint expert
Kahhyap's International Foregery Detection Bureau Opinion on blurred & superimposed fingerprints by employing special photographic techniques in such cases where the documents were returned by Private & Government Experts with the opinion that they were unfit for opinion.
Kashyap's International Forgery Detection Bureau Lifting, developing & photography of chance, (Latent), Fingerprint from various objects and paper & their comparison for opinion & evidence.
handwriting analysis
forensic handwriting Preparation of juxtaposition charts of signatures and fingerprints.
handwriting forgery
forensic handwriting Ascertaining other defects in allegedly fabricated documents involving the aspect of determination of examination of ink, which is possible in limited cases only.
handwriting experts Obtaining & attesting specimen fingerprints of persons who propose to immigrate abroad.
handwriting analyst Pretrial & Post-trial discussions on the merits of questioned documents & on opinions with attorneys for smooth convincing & cogent technical arguments in the courts.
handwriting analyst Ascertaining the accountability of forgery of questioned documents in Bank fraud cases based on available material by scrutinizing the documentary evidence for identifying the culprit(s) to facilitate recovery or their prosecution is our recognized specialty. (Determination of Genesis of Forgery).

Note : We have identified the involvement of the suspects in atleast 80% of the Bank fraud cases in which identification of the forger was detected based on the availability of adequate qualitative and quantitative writing material of the suspects on Bank documents.

Our Clientele

Detective Agencies, Banks, Universities, Govt. Departments, Private Parties & Hon‘ble Courts from various States in India (including A.P. & Kerala), DRTs & Foreign Clients referring documents for opinion Identification of smudged and latent Prints a specialty. This Bureau served in the past, Govt. of India‘s Ministry of Home, Special Police Establishments, Anticorruption Department of Northern Rly., Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum Govt. of NCT of Delhi, Distt. Forum Karim Nagar Delhi and Various Excise Deptt., Police and Police Departments of Several States-Work highly appreciated all over India - Reports usually within a week – Assistance in Cross-Examination & Technical Arguments through court rulings and varios Authors‘ views on expert evidence on request.

Hon‘ble Munsiff, Kondugallur, Distt. Trissur (Kerala) in O.S. No.182/92 (D.D. 16/06/93) says, "...Ex.X-1 (Report) is issued by the Handwriting Expert, Mr. Ashok Kashyap of International reputation….. There are number of judgments of the High Courts in India and the Supreme Court of India where the opinion of this Handwriting Expert is acclaimed and acted upon. Therefore, the judgments of various High Courts and Supreme Court bear an ample testimony to the knowledge of this expert. I have no hesitation to hold that Ex.A-3 is not executed by the defendant (as opined by Ashok Kashyap)" ....Court Appreciation." ..................................................................Proverbial Court Judgment