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Selected Court References for Ink Examination, Criminal Court Cases citing as a Court Witness for Evidence & Latent Fingerprint (Invisible) Examination & Identification on Objects of Burglary

A: Court References for Determination / Ink Examination
  1. Sh. M. Rajabhushanam, Hon‘ble Senior Civil Judge, Tanuku, (A.P.) vide Letter dated 08/02/2008 says, "... With reference to the above. I am sending herewith the Demand Draft for Rs. __________ drawn in your favour towards your fee for examination of documents in O.S. No. 75/1996 on the file of this Court (for Ink Examination)".
  2. Smt. N. Padmavathi, Hon‘ble Addl. Judl. First Class Magistrate, Yellamanchili (A.P.) in C.C. No. 448/09 vide Letter dated 27/04/2012 says, "…….. I am herewith sending the following documents in C.C. No. 448/2009 on file of this court. i.e. Cheque bearing 472262 dated 01/02/2009 for Rs. 4,50,000/-…….. On memo of appearance dated 23/04/2012 and 251 Cr.p.c. Examination dated 11/11/2011 ……..for hand writing expert opinion and to determine the ink difference between the recitals on the disputed check dated 01/02/2009 with that of the signature of the accused on it…….."
  3. Sh R. Sudhakar Naidu, Hon'ble IInd Addl. Senior Civil Judge, City Civil Court, Hyderabad in O.S. No. 2289/2007 wide letter dated 3/3/2010 says..."I am sending herewith the Ex. A1 and Ex. A2, both are Promissory notes having the signature of smt. D. Jayafor determining the age of signature and ink. Therefore, you are required to give your opinion with regard to age of signatures of ink of the diputed signatures available on Ex. A1 and Ex. A2 in O.S. No. 2289/2007........"
B: Criminal Court Cases’ References for Evidence Citing as a Court Witness by Police
  1. Sh. I.C. Sharma, General Manager and P&A, Banaras House Limited, New Delhi vide letter dated 20/04/2001 says, "... You are requested to investigate a theft in our office. Kindly depute your staff for investigation full cooperation will be given to your staff".

    1a). Sh. Anuj Agarwal, Hon‘ble Metropolitan Magistrate (South-East), Saket, Delhi says vide attendance certificate that payment of Rs. ____________ to Sh. Ashok Kashyap, Handwriting & Fingerprint Expert, Kashmere Gate, Delhi who appears as to witness in the case (State vs. Suryanarayan), FIR No. 248/01 U/S 380 IPC, PS Badarpur......."

    Note: An opinion was obtained by the company earlier described at Serial No. 1 about the comparison of latent fingerprints on the object of burglary. Afterwards, an FIR No. 248/01 U/S 380 IPC was lodged against the suspect at Police Station Badarpur, New Delhi. Subsequently the case went for trial before the Hon‘ble Metropolitan Magistrate and Summons were served by the Investigating Officer for evidence.
  1. Asstt. General Manager, State Bank of India, Delhi vide Letter dated 26/07/2011 (C.G.I.T. case Shri Vinod Dutta Vs. S.B.I.) says, "... The above matter is fixed for evidence on 04/08/2011 in the Central Govt. Industrial Tribunal cum Labour Court-I, Room No. 38-A, Block-A, Karkardooma Court Complex, Delhi. As you were the handwriting expert in the case your evidence is required on 04/08/2011 in the matter. Therefore, please make it convenient to attend the Court (for your evidence)...."
  1. Branch Manager, State Bank of India, Fatehpuri, Delhi vide letter dated 31/05/2006 says, "...Please arrange to give your advice (opinion) regarding about signatures and writing on the ... withdrawl forms"

    3a). Sh. Devender Nain, Hon‘ble Metropolitan Magistrate (North District), Tis Hazari Court, Delhi vide Summons dated 23/12/2011 says, "...You are informed through this notice that you should appear on 12/01/2012 (for evidence in respect of your opinion)" .........................(Served Through I.O.)

    Note: Earlier an opinion was obtained on disputed documents by State Bank of India. Subsequently the case went for trial to the Court and Summons were served by I.O. to give evidence before the Metropolitan Megistrate, Delhi.
C: References of Latent Fingerprint (Invisible) Examination & Indentification on Objects of Burglary
  1. Admn. Support Manager, DCM data products, Ahmedabad vide letter dated 05/01/1991 says, "...We have gone through your all photographs, comparisons, detection job and other hard work for identifying the real culprit is highly appreciable".

  2. General Manager, UTI Bank Ltd., Barakhamba Road, New Delhi vide letter dated 09/02/1996 says, "...With reference to your discussions during your course of visit to our Branch in regard to lifting of fingerprints from computer machines, we are pleased to entrust the job on the following terms and conditions... As discussed over telephone, the job is to be done on urgent basis and shall be glad if you start the job with immediate effect".
  3. Sh. Subash Das, Modi Xerox, 98, Nehru Place, New Delhi vide letter dated 06/05/1996 says, "...This is with reference to your verbal discussion to investigate and detect the fingerprint from one of Server (Out surface & Inner surface) positioned at our Office. This is to bring to your fact that on 04 May, we noticed that 4MB rams were missing from the abid server. When the system did not boot, our engineer opened the server and found that 4MB rams are missing from the server. Please sign the enclosed duplicate copy as taken of your acceptance".
  4. Manager (Projects & Maintenance), HCL Technologies India Private Ltd., Noida vide letter dated 11/12/1998 says, "...With reference to the discussion held with Mr. ________ and undersigned, we are please to award to contract for the following... (1) Visiting Charges ______ (2) Development of latent fingerprints as per requirement".
  5. General Manager, Human Resources, Hughes Escorts Communications Limited, vide letter dated 29/12/1998 says, "...We are enclosing six envelops containing 12 papers suspected to be having latent fingerprints for the purpose of development and examination... You are requested to examine and develop latent impressions on the above documents and compare them with fingerprints available on one glass and fingerprints on separate paper... These two objects may contain standard impressions of the suspect... You are required to develop, compare and give scientific opinion as to whether the suspected fingerprints actually match with the specimen fingerprints.... The report along with photographs may be submitted within 4-5 days time. We accept you professional charges of Rs. _______ for this job".
  6. Director, Resource Technology, Okhla Industrial Area, New Delhi vide letter dated 07/12/2000 says, "...We are sending you a net server bearing Sr. No. _______ for Development of suspected surface per surface.... Suspected areas are the Memory Chip area and the CPU area.... Kindly acknowledge receipt and do the needful".
  7. Sh. Nishant Verma, Modicare, New Friends Colony, New Delhi vide letter dated 08/03/2002 says, "...Kindly develop and compare the latent fingerprints from the material handed over to you, as per list below, with the fingerprints taken by your company experts physically at your office in the second half of the day... The list of persons of whom the fingerprints have been taken by you is attached overleaf.... You are requested to develop and compare the latent fingerprints and report accordingly for latent fingerprints found on the material namewise..."
  8. General Manager (Administration), GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Ltd., Gurgaon vide letter dated 22/01/2004 says, "...Further to our meeting at your office on 20/01/2004 and our discussion the following day, we seek your assistance and expert advice on analysis and matching of (latent) fingerprints regarding the theft case in our office. The recovered evidence (one camera and charger of second camera) has been handed over to your office for analysis. We further request you to take fingerprint samples of suspected individuals (6 to 8) at our office".
  9. Senior General Manager, Personnel & Administration, SMS Demag Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi vide letter dated 02/06/2004 says, "...Dear Mr. Kashyap, this refers to your quotation dated 01/06/2004.... As explained during our discussions, we have the following requirement:- 1. Taking fingerprints from 4 computers, 2. Taking fingerprints of identified persons, 3. Matching the fingerprints found on computer with those of the identified persons, 4. Specimen fingerprinting of balance employees approximately 125 nos, 5. Providing photo micrographs of specimen fingerprints (item no. 3 & 4). A lumpsum amount of Rs. _______ shall be paid to you against an invoice, after successful completion of the above activity and after submission of the report".
  10. Head-HR & Admin, Cheil Communications, Nehru Place, New Delhi vide letter dated 08/05/2006 says, "...As communicated sending across 3 items which we think has the fingerprints of the employees (culprit) behind all the happenings in the office... Request to kindly trace if there is any fingerprints of a third party on this, beside mine and ________".
  11. Col. A. Das (Rtd.), National Security & Allied Services, Defence Colony, New Delhi says, "...It refers to our telephonic conversation regarding the theft of a lap top and Mobile Phone from _____ Okhla Phase-I, New Delhi. You are requested to send your Fingerprint Expert to the above mentioned location to take the fingerprint of some individuals who are connected with the work of handling of those stolen items.... The result of fingerprint matching may be completed at the earliest and a formal report sent to the undersigned".