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Kahhyap's International Foregery Detection Bureau




indian expert He is running one of the most reputed & oldest offices of Handwriting Experts in Asia & probably in the world today i.e. KASHYAP’S INTERNATIONAL FORGERY DETECTION BUREAU established in 1935. It has produced several outstanding handwritings experts of eminence.
pt. Ashok kashyap fingerprint expert He is the co-author of the Famous & Celebrated Book “Law relating to Presumptions and Proof of Documents including questioned documents under Forensic Science (2ndAddition 2011) including some other minor publications.
Kashyap's International Forgery Detection Bureau Several Journals on Questioned Document Examination were published by Late Pt. Ugarsen Kashyap (Senior Kashyap) and his associates in this establishment between the years 1935-56 hailed by several eminent International Authorities including Late Mr. A. S. Osbon & Mr. Ordway Hilton, Internationally Famous Document Examiners for the quality and the superb contents of the articles (as per the profuse encomium lavished by eminent authorities).
handwriting analysis His opinions have been accepted/preferred against several Private & Government Experts in India. He has several court judgments to his credit from Hon‘ble Supreme Court and various High Courts in India and Abroad. Many of them have been reported by leading Law Journals.
forensic handwriting He is properly qualified and has received foreign training from internationally acclaimed institutions abroad and attended several International conferences. He is perhaps the only Indian Expert trained by Police Department Training Bureau, Miami (USA) & International Association for identification (USA)
handwriting forgery He has a professional standing of about 50 years (since 1966), has examined questioned documents in about 5000 cases from all over India and abroad and given evidence in many of them. He is a senior Court consultant and has been consulted by Hon’ble Courts, several Nationalized and Foreign Banks, Government Undertakings, Police Depts. Advocates, Several High Profile Clients and Private Parties. His opinions were submitted before Hon’ble Supreme Court of India & various High Courts including Foreign High Courts by learned Sr. Advocates.
handwriting experts He is internationally well known and has been consulted by clients not only all over India but also abroad including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Hong Kong, Mauritius, Malaysia, Nigeria, Nepal, Russia, Sri Lanka, South Arabia, UK, & USA etc. etc.
handwriting analyst He is one of the very few Indian Experts who have appeared in and been appreciated by Foreign High Courts including Hon’ble Singapore High Court accepting his testimony in 1997.
forensic handwriting analysis He has the reputation of impartiality, dependability and honesty and is the only Expert knowing Telugu having studied at Guntur (A.P.) in 1955-58. His opinions are usually submitted within a week and even earlier on demand and are internationally respected and trusted by the bench & the bar.
fingerprint expert His interview on Television in “Turning Point” on the National Channel in 1993 appreciated his contributions in the field of Questioned Documents Examination.
fingerprint experts He has submitted his opinions in various Regional and Foreign scripts on questioned documents including Bangali, Devanagari, Gujarati, Gurumukhi, Kannada, Malyalam, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Oriya & Urdu etc. etc..
fingerprint experts He has been appreciated for his contribution to the Science of Questioned Documents Examination by International Biographical Centre, Cambridge (U.K.) & American Biographical Institute Research Association, Raleigh (U.S.A) among others and several foreign agencies.
fingerprint experts He is available internationally for examination of questioned documents, opinions, deposition & Cross Examination of Private / Govt. Experts in courts.
fingerprint experts He has been regularly testifying in Courts all over India & abroad since 1966. Many of the judgments relating to his opinions submitted to Hon’ble Courts allover India have been accepted & appreciated by Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and various High Courts in India have been reported by leading Law Journals of the Country including All India Reporter, Nagpur.
He holds the brilliant record of serving at least (a) 24 Nationalized Banks (b) 11 Foreign Banks, (c) 31 Grameena & other Private Scheduled Banks & (d) Minimum 55 Government Undertakings (e) Hundreds of Hon’ble Courts in 20 States across India for opinions and appearing personally for evidence in at least 17 states of India in more than 2000 cases including those cases in which his commission was recorded by Learned Commissioners at his office, a record much better than possibly any other practising expert in India today.
fingerprint experts He has widely lectured abroad & before several Bar Associations and Staff Training Centers of various Banks in India. He receives original documents regularly from various courts in India, several Banks (Nationalised & Foreign) & Foreign clients for opinion. He has appeared before various Hon’ble Civil & Criminal Courts all over India, Labour Courts, special CBI Courts, TADA Courts, DRTs, Consumer Protection Fura, Hon’ble Jammu & Kashmir Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission (State Commission), Jammu including Central Vigilance Commission (Govt. of India) New Delhi to give evidence in support of his opinion. He has also been engaged in Courts in Civil & Criminal Cases to cross examine several Government and Private Experts in various States of India including special CBI Courts & TADA Courts.
Hon‘ble Justice Sri M. Seetharama Murti, High Court of A.P., Hyderabad in Civil Revision Petition No. 2191 of 2012 vide order dated 23.12.2013, says "……… Since the plaintiff wants to examine Mr. V. Muralidhar, Scientific Officer, A.P. Forensic Science Laboratories, Hyderabad, who examined Ex. A1 promissory note in proof of his report and since the defendants and their advocate are not experts in the particular subject and since the defendants have also executed Special Power of Attorney authorizing Mr. Ashok Kashyap who is another handwriting expert, the defendants can be permitted to cross-examine the proposed witness by Mr. Ashok Kashyap another expert (at FSL, Hyderabad). Accordingly, points 1 and 2 are answered……" .……Hon‘ble A.P. High Court Orders permission for cross-examination of FSL, Hyderabad (Govt. expert) by a private expert
Our Reports can be Submitted before Hon’ble Courts, Banks, Tribunals and other Places as Evidence under Section 45 of Indian Evidence Act all over India and are Internationally respected.