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  1. Shri K. Srinivasa Rao, Advocate, Krishna Nagar, Maharanipeta, Visakhapatnam (A.P.) vide his letter dated 30/05/07 says, "….I am herewith sending you the required documents for your opinion and to supply material for cross-examining the expert on his opinion."

  2. Mr. Shriniwas at Musunuru Mandal, Nuzvid, Krishna Dist. (A.P.) also new Jersi, USA vide his email dated 13/03/2014 says, "…….You are requested to offer your opinion on the disputed signatures on disputed document."
  3. Sh. Sattar Mohammed, HIG 119, Sajar Nagar, Visakhapatnam (A.P.) vide email message dated 30/04/2014, says "…. Information sent by u is self explanatory and shows your indepth knowledge in this field…… your valued opinion on the documents sent is requested."
  4. Sh. B. Ramesh Babu, Advocate, Hyderabad, vide letter dated 25/09/2002 Says..." I request your goodness, kindly to inform us the grounds (on) which we have to submit in the petition to convince the Hon'ble court to send the disputed documents (marked as exhibit A1 here) for comprehensive examination to your laboratory. Early favorable reply is soliciated.
  5. Shri Pasham Ravindra Reddy, Advocate, Miryalaguda AP vide his email dated 31/07/2014 says…. ‘Though I sought information about the fee pattern long back, I could not contact you any further thereafter for all these days as the petition seeking permission for giving evidence by you at Miryalaguda was not allowed till recent times. In view of allowing said petition you have to give evidence before the Hon'ble Addl. District Judge's Court at Miryalaguda. Already my client obtained a D.D. for an amount of Rs.25,000/- as he is under the impression that the venue for recoding your evidence will be at Delhi. The No. of the said D.D. is 821084 drawn on State Bank of Hyderabad and payable to you at New Delhi. As the venue for recording your evidence is fixed at Miryalaguda he will obtain another D.D. for rest of amount of Rs.5,000/-. I request you to send the convenient dates in the month of August from Tuesday to Thursday of the week and upon that I will take any one of said convenient dates as the date of hearing for recording your evidence from the Hon'ble Court with the consent of the counsel for other side.
  1. Sh. Suni Saraf, Managing Director, Hotel KRC Palace, Tezpur (Assam) vide Letter dated 24/10/2013 says, "……I hope you will send the report along with these documents at the earliest."

  1. Dear Mr Ashok Kashyap
    Mr. V.N.Ramaswami malleswaram Bangalore vide his email dated 22/03/2016 says…. “The due date for your report is toady or latest tomorrow. Please send the scanned copy by email and the original by courier.

  1. Sh. Satender Sinha, Patna (Bihar) vide oral communication dated 22/10/2011 says, "….. You are requested to compare disputed signatures and fingerprints and offer your opinion."

  2. Sh. Gauri Prashad Santhalia, Bhagalpur (Bihar) vide Letter dated 07/03/12 says, "……You are requested to compare the disputed signatures on the partition deed and forward your opinion……"
  3. Sh. Mohammad Kashif Yunus, Advocate, Patna High Court, Patna (Bihar) vide email dated 17/10/2014 says, "As discussed with you yesterday on phone I am sending you the receipts. Please see the receipts and discuss the matter on phone with me…."
  1. Branch Manager, Haryana Financial Cooperration, Chandigarh, faridabad in case of M/S. Evergreen Properties and other in case no. RBT 1030/22/09/2000/12/08/1992 vide letter dated 06/01/2006... Says... "in this connection, this is to inform you that as per orders of the High Court of Punjab & Haryana at Chandigarh, one effective oppotunity by the trial court has been granted for the cross examination of the plaintiff Handwriting Expert...As such you are requested to take up the matter well before the time so as to prepare your questionnaire in time.Payment of 50% of professional charges is being sent separately soon...."

  1. Shri D. Ramamurthy (Chennai) vide his email dated 16/09/2014 says….. ‘ A builder promoter in Chennai has forged my wife's signature. We have a xerox copy only available with us. Original is with the bank. Before lodging a complaint we want to get a expert opinion as the forgery has been done by a good hand. (The following are the queries)

    1. The fee to be paid.
    2. The procedure for sending the forgery (can we send the scan?)
    3. The procedure for sending the original signature or signatures?

  1. J. Sagar Associates, Advocates, R.K. Puram, New Delhi vide letter dated 30/11/92, says, "…..We would request you to carry out Handwriting comparison investigations for our clients – Deutsche Bank. We are enclosing for your investigations…..documents namely….. We should appreciate your detailed scrutiny and report."…………………………

  1. Sh. K.B. Lal, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi vide Oral communication dated 09/10/2002 says, "….. You are requested to compare the signatures on the xerox copy of the alleged Will containing the disputed signatures of Her Highnes, Rajmata Vijaya Raje Sindhia, widow of His Highnes Late Maharaja Jeevaji Rao M Sindhia, Gwalior and offer your opinion….."
  1. Sh. S.S. Grewal, Ex-Private Secretary to Secretary Law, Ministry of Law, New Delhi and Personal Secretary to Judges Enquiry Committee (Rajyasabha) at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi vide Oral Communication dated 09/03/2015, says ".... We are delivering a disputed Will along with authentic signatures for comparison and your detailed opinion…."
  2. Sh. Jai Kishan Singh, Joint Director, Lok Sabha Secretariate, Parliament House, New Delhi vide Oral Communication dated 28/02/2015, says "……Your professional services are required for obtaining opinion on the comparison of the disputed signatures and filing objections on the report filed by CFSL expert….."
  3. Ms. Deepali Sahgal, Advocate Amarchand & Mangaldas & Hiralal Shroff & Co. (in Association with Arnold & Porter, Washington, New York, Los Angles, Denver, Tokyo) vide letter dated 06/04/1993....Says...."This is to inform you that the captioned matter is listed before the Hon'ble Delhi High Court on 27th and 28th of April 1993. You are requested to make it convenient to be present in court on the said dates of that we may be able to complete your examination-in-chief....."
  4. Prof. Ramadhikari Kumar, Chief Proctor, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi vide letter dated 06/05/2002....Says...."I enclose herewith a set of papers (No. Three) documents.... You are requested to examine these handwritings and give your opinion about its tallying with the documents marked (X)..." Our file no. 63/HW/07/06/2002.
  5. Court Order... Shri Rajiv Sahai Endlaw, J. vide order dated 06/01/2009...Says..."To obviate any delays, it is deemed expedient that Oriental Bank of Commerce, E-block, Connaught Place, New Delhi is directed to the let the handwriting expert of the defendants photograph and signatures, if any, of the defendant no. 1 appearing in the records of the said bank as disclosed by the defendants. The handwriting expert shall also be entitled on photographs any documents, pleading, applications vakaltnama etc. on the file of this court...(our report dated 08/04/2009).
  1. Sh. Anil D‘Souza, Dona-Paula, Goa (UT) vide his email dated 09/10/2014, says "……… I refer to my telecom with you today……. The typing is done using a typewriter…….. The matter is in Ponda Court in Goa. It is a 30-45 min drive from Panaji. I can ask the court for allowing my forensic expert to inspect the receipt (Ink Examination) …… Please let me know your charges and how to go about with this. Below is the scanned copy of the receipt. The original is with the court…..."

  2. Sh. T. R. Kakkar, Ex. Police Commissioner, Delhi, IGP of Andoman & Nicobar Island, Pondicherry, Commssioner of Delhi, Director General, National Security Guard (Black Cats) and special secretary Home, Govt. of India. He thus carries with him administrative experience and managerial skill of 36 years. he also been around the world to about two dozen countries in his official capacity and has interacted with the galaxy of administrators and political leaders of internation repute. he thus possesses wide knowledge in the management of resouces of all sorts.

    (Certain documents ere delivers to our office for examination of fingreprints by Sh. T. R. kakkar, Ex Police Commissioner, Delhi)
  3. Mr. Anil D’souza vide his email dated 13/10/2014 says…. ‘Thank you very much for your email. Your fees are acceptable to me. I only request you that when you come for inspection (to Goa), if you could give us a preliminary report that could be submitted immediately to the court as the matter is for injuction hearing soon afterwards.
    Also sir when we plead with the court on the 17th for examination shall we mention in our application (your particulars) as forensic, document and handwriting expert?
    Pls advice. As you have mentioned we may require age of ink and paper as well.
  1. Shri R.K. Jain, Pinkcity Logistics Limited, Gandhidham (Gujrat) vide his email dated 24/02/2014 says, "………Your opinion is required on the points mentioned in respect of the writings in Gujrati scripts…….. The opinion fee as per your bill shall be credited to your bank account."

  1. Sh. Bilal Ahmed, R&C Polyclinic & Diagnostic Center, Anantnag (J&K) vide his Letter dated 14/04/2014, says "…..your opinion is required on the disputed document sent."

  1. Sh. Munir Sait, Hennur, Main Road, Bangalore (Karnataka) vide letter dated 01/10/2007 says, "...Please verify the questioned signatures with the admitted signatures in the original document".
  2. Sh. Shaik Mahaboob, Advocate & Notary Public, Govt. of India, Chamber No. 5, FF, Girimaji Rao Complex, K.G. Halli, Arabic College Post, Bangalore (Karnataka) through oral request dated 19/03/2012, says "You are requested to give the opinion about the comparison of the disputed signatures on the GPA with the standard signatures."
  1. Shri Ratan Prasad Maitra R/O Dr Kartick Bose Street Kolkatta vide his email dated 21/12/2017 says… “To counter the argument now forwarded by TSR Darashaw (that our signatures (Q1& Q2) on SH-4 differ from those on Affidavit (S1 & S2), your expert opinion is required on these only.
    Note: The purported shares from the subject matter of disputed between the client and the SEBI approved Share Transfer Agent
  1. Shri T. Prakash Kumar, Advocate, Trissur (Kerala) vide his Letter 27/01/2011 says, "…..You are requested to kindly compare the signatures and give an expert opinion as to the genuineness of the signature at the earliest."
  2. Mr. Jose J. Cheruvil, Advocate, Kottayam (Kerala) vide his Letter dated 03/06/2014 says, "……Kindly see the admitted thumb impression and the disputed one. The disputed one is the photocopy of the concerned page of the ‗thump impression register‘ of Sub-Registrar‘s office, Kottayam, Kerala. Kindly give your opinion as to the genuineness of the disputed one. Please let me know your fees so that I can remit the same in your bank account……."
  1. Sh. Purshottam Patel, Saraswat Shishu Mandir, Hardha (M.P.) orally requests on the telephone to send opinion on the documents sent by him on our Email ID.
  1. Dr. (Mrs.) Indu Shahani, Principal, H.R. College of Commerce & Economics, Church Gate, Mumbai vide Letter dated 21/11/2005, says "… As you being a handwriting expert we are approaching you for the following findings. Accordingly, please find enclosed herewith the xerox copies of the pages (7 exhibits) of our master book for identification of handwriting on Exhibit 1 from the Exhibits 3 to 7…… We would highly appreciate if you could send your report
  2. Shrivastav & Company, Advocates & Solicitors (UK), Fort Mumbai (Maharashtra) vide email message dated 29/07/10 say, "…..I am enclosing herewith the original signature as original files and disputed signature as disputed files (for your opinion)."
  3. Sh. Amol Advocate, Majalgaon, Distt. Beed (Maharashtra) vide email dated 14/03/2015, says "There is a 138 complaint and I am on behalf of accused…… Sir, If there is a facility available at your lab to find out age of ink and handwriting……… please quote…… details as early as possible."
  4. Mr. Rahul Gosain Director Alvarez & Marsal India Pvt. Ltd. Lower Parel, Mumbai vide his email dated 08/01/2017 says…. “Thank you Mr Kashyap. Will wait to hear from you concerning what is feasible and relevant timeline and fee. We will then discuss your proposal with the client and take things forward.
  5. Smt. Kusum Harsora from Mumbai vide her email dated 22/03/2016 says… ‘As per our telecom, I am sending you my question Thumbrpint scan, ie, circled and two set of admitted. One is black and white, original is with other expert who has failed to examine. Second is an original set in blue. Kindly let me know your opinion if this is possible for you and your terms.
  6. Mr. Walter Vincent vide his email dated 02/02/2016 I have some documents which needs to be verified with respect to handwriting .Please do reply with the charges for doing the same. Will scanned documents sent over the mail will serve the purpose or should i send it by post. Waiting for the reply.
  7. Mr. Pushkar vide his email dated 12/10/2015.. says… ‘Dear Ashok, thank you for your phone call and taking time out to reply. You are world famous and well respected and of course your fees is rightfully high ……however if it is something that wouldn’t take you very much time you’d be doing me a favour by deciphering the email address……Please let me know if the…… amount is acceptable to you.
  1. Zodin Sanga, Aizwal, Mizoram vide email dated 23/05/2012 says, "….With reference to our telephonic discussion, I‘m forwarding herewith the said question(ed) document for your kind information……. Kindly examine the documents and inform what steps to be taken as we are filing an appeal in the Gauhati High Court…….."
  1. Shri M.K. Yunus Advocate Patna High Court, vide his email dated 17/10/2014 says….. “As discussed with you yesterday on phone i am sending you the receipts.

    Please see these receipts and discuss the matter on phone with me.
  1. Sh. Rakesh Malhotra, Advocate, New Delhi vide message dated 07/06/2001 says, "…. You are requested to prepare cros-examination on the expert‘s report in case S. K. Jain vs. B. B. Jain & others on the file of Hon‘ble Justice (Retd.) A. L. Bahari, Arbitrator. You have to attend the court for conducting cross-examination at Chandigarh on ……."
  1. Sh. A. Nagalingam, Puducherry Chemists & Druggists Welfare Association, Uppalam, Puducherry (UT) vide his email message 07/04/2014 says, "……We wish to introduce ourselves as ……… We have to get the approval from our members for the fees to be paid (for the opinion on the comparison of the disputed signature), you are requested to kindly communicate your fees immediately…….. Communications connected to this subject are being sent by courier today."
  1. Sh. P. Dhanasekar, Mannady, Chennai vide letter dated 20/07/2007 says, "...Your official report is required as early as possible and necessary charges shall be borne by us...."
  2. Shri M. Krishnaswamy, Advocate, Ramalingam Colony, Mettupalayam Road, Coimbatore (Tamilanadu) vide his letter dated 21/12/2009 says, "…..I am enclosing herewith the Xerox copies of the Sale Agreement dated 20/03/97,….. I request you to go through the documents and send your opinion to enable me to proceed further in the matter".
  3. Sh. Anand C.J. and Vijji Cheyyur, Basant Nagar, Chennai (T.N.) vide email dated 28/03/2014, says "….. What services can you offer that can identify (the disputed signature on the will dated 28.11.2013 as compared with other standard signatures in English) and whether they are from the same person? How do I send these documents to you and what are the charges?"
  4. Sh. T. Balaji, Perundurai, Erode Distt. (T.N.) vide email dt. 22/04/2014, says "….. I accept your fee (for preparation of opinion)…… Please prepare the detailed report and send the report before 28.04.2014.
  5. Mr. M. Krishnaswamy Advocate Coimbatore, Tamilnadu vide his letter dated 06/04/2018, says….. “My client namely Mrs. Lourdhu Mary…..denied her thumb impressions available in the certified copy of the sale deeds……I have enclosed those certified copies of the sale deeds along with this letter. She has stated that those thumb impressions are forged one. She wanted to file a private complaint under section 200 Cr. P.C. against her husband……of SRO of Manachanallur, in Trichy Dist…..I have to file your report either before the Police people or Judicial Magistrate Court of Coimbatore...”
  1. Brig. (R) V.K. Nijhawan, Noida, vide letter dated 11/09/2012 says, "...Please compare the disptued signatures on the Will with standard signatures and offer your opinion".
  2. Sh. Shambhu Dayal, Kailash Chandra Gupta, Kasganj Distt. Etah (U.P.) vide Letter dated 31/12/2013, says "……Kindly give your expert comparison report……"
  1. Shri Siddhartha Lahiri, Advocate, Kundalia & Associates, Old Post Office Street, Kolkata (W.B.) vide his letter dated 18/03/2009 says, "…..In furtherance of your request to send all the files, my client is sending you the files regarding the aforesaid enquiry. You are requested to kindly courier the said files back to us at our office".
  2. Sh. Chandrachur Ghose, Kolkata (W.B.) vide email dated 28/11/2012 says, "Many thanks for your response. I answer your queries below the questions…… The exercise at this moment is being conducted solely to authenticate or otherwise the questioned handwritings on behalf of Mission Netaji, a group of young professionals and students, which is promoting the life and work of Netaji (Subhashchandra Bose) and also investigating his mysterious disappearance………"
  1. Shri Raj Shekhar vide his email dated 22/08/2014. I have heard a lot about you and hold you in high regard. I have a query which I hope you would find time to answer.
  2. Latest enquiry/attendance reference of SBI

    Sh. Y.S. Solanki Vigilance Department SBI LHO New Delhi vide his email dated You are requested to attend inqyuiry proceedings of Sonal Bhatia, to be held on 24.06.2014 at vigilance deptt.
    LHIO New Delhi, as prosecution witness, as regard your report submitted to SBI Kausambi branch on 22.01.2014.


    Yours faithfully,
    Yogender Singh solanki
    Presenting officer
    M. 09999443651
  1. Mr. Iqbal Ismail Dewji, Barrister & Solicitor, Toronto (Canada) vide his letter dated 10/03/1994 says, "….It was with much interest that read your publication. I note that your family and yourself are leading authorities in this field".
  2. Shri Kapil Shumsher J. B. Rana, Chairman, Nepal Hotels Pvt. Ltd., Kathmandu, Nepal vide letter dated 01/09/03 says, "...Dear. Professor Kashyap, Mr. Kishore Joshi is coming to you with few documents of Nepal Hotels Pvt. Ltd. You are requested to kindly verify the signature of HRH".
  3. Anjili Bhasin, 6316, NW 84th Place, Okalahoma City, USA vide letter dated 03/01/06 says, "…..Mr. Kashyap, …..we are sending you documents-ONE Registered Will, ONE FAMILY agreement and last Will SIGNATURES…..Do your best and let us know….I will be talking to you after you receive the documents."
  4. Sh. Basant K. Chaudhary, Managing Director, Norvic Escorts International Hospital, Kathmandu, Nepal vide Letter dated 30/01/2008 says, "….. Thank you very much for your preliminary report……. I must say you have done good job in relatively short time…. You are requested to do the needful as soon as possible (verification of signatures & fingerprints)……"
  5. Sheelan Arjunan, Advocate & Solicitor, High Court of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur vide email dated 30/03/2012 says, "….. I am Sheelan Arjunan from Messrs Sheelan Arjunan & Co., a legal firm situated in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I was going thru your website and very much impressed with your achievement(s) and expertise. I am currently engaged in a Civil Trial in Malaysia High Court, whereby the opponent party is disputed the signatures on few documentations. They engaged a local forensic document examiner who have prepared a report summarily saying ―authorship of the signatures are different‖. We would like to engage your service. Can you let me know your charges for verifying and testifying in Court? We shall bear all charges of flight ticket, accommodation, meals and so on……"
  6. Mrs. Torul, …. Mauritius vide email dated 10/05/2012 says, "…. By way of introduction, I‘m ……. from Mauritius. I have been provided with a handwriting expert report from London produced at a Disciplinary Committee from my Human Resources Manager where they have remarkably found that the handwriting found on an alleged letter compared to a specimen of my handwriting confirms that I‘m the author of such alleged letter…. Would you please confirm if you are interested in carrying such work for me and what would the fees be and how long such report will take to be produced to me?..."
  7. Mr. Ashish Chakraborty, International Audit Manager, residing at Kakira Sugar Ltd., Kampala, Uganda, vide e-mail dated 28/08/2012 from Jhansi, UP says, "... You are requested to verify the document named ___ where signatures of Mr. _________ need to be confirmed and need to be produced before Court (at Jhansi)"
  8. Mr. Rajan Mirpuri from Hong Kong vide e-mail dated 30/08/2012 says, "...I understand you are a Handwriting Expert... Kindly inform which documents would you require...?"
  9. William Pang, Singapore vide email message says, "I ….. have a case involving the identification of a type written document and I seek your assistance on this matter. Can you conduct an examination based on the scanned images to determine if the typestyle is consistent with the date of the document and the model or brand of the typewriter? …….. Please let me know your fees and the turnaround time for such a report……"
  10. Qamran Hussain, Pakistan vide email dated 04/02/2014 says, "Well I have a court case pending in Pakistan regarding some land issues. I need a comparison between a passport copy fingerprint and some land registry documents in Pakistan. One of the fingerprints is false as the person was in the UK and couldn‘t possibly have applied her fingerprints."
  11. Mr. Jayanti Chouhan, West Midlands, UK vide email dated 20/06/2014 says, "……….. As per our telephonic conversation, please find the following documents for you to verify the signature on the marriage certificate …….. I need a written report for the Birmingham County Court purpose…. I will need your report to be sent at the above address via post and also email them……."
  12. Mr. Terrence Wickramasinghe, Legal Consultant, United Nations, Hillhouse Gardens, Sri Lanka vide Letter dated 16/02/2009 says, "Kindly let us know when you can come to Sri Lanka so that we can make the necessary arrangements with the courts and with other lawyers concerned to make available the impugned signature in question (For your Inspection & Photographs)....."
  13. Sh. Utpal Kumar Das, Managing Director, Powermann Bangladesh Limited Vide Letter Dated 14th June, 2007 says, "Now we are requesting you to verify the signatures of page 6/12 with other 10 pages………"
  14. Idris & Company Advocates, Jalan Gold Jade, Kuching, Sarwak (Malaysia) vide Letter dated 25/01/2008 say, "We are instructed by our client to invite you to conduct an examination of a purported signature on a Bank Gurantee allegedly signed by our client… we understand from our client that you are a Handwriting & Fingerprint Expert (Examiner of Questioned Documents). Accordingly, our client would be grateful, if you could conduct an examination of the alleged gurantee & various specimen signatures of our client at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at your earliest convenience......"
  15. Mr. Zero Nalpon, Advocate & Solicitor, Singapore vide email dated 24/02/2015, says "……… Please know that I had pressed my client to procure a handwriting expert after reviewing the documents already forwarded to you. The question is, are you prepared to make a clear finding that the signatures on the Will have been fabricated?....."
  16. Jeff Moy ESQ, Private Investigator, Alachua, Florida-32615 (USA) vide e-mail dated 29/06/2012 says, "...I have had the pleasure of reviewing your credentials (on website) and they are sterling as compared to others I have seen in India"
    ............... Glorious Complement
  17. Ms. Gina Pilla City of Sunrise Police Department Administrative Officer Administrative Services Division Florida USA vide email dated 23/03/2018 says… ‘My name is Gina Pilla, and I am the administrator for the Sunrise Police Department. I received all the documentation from a case that you assisted us on, and I would like to send your payment out as soon as possible. Would you provide me with your mailing address, at your earliest convenience. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
  18. Note: The documents by way of photo-enlargements were sent for examination and opinion on in the year of 2007.
  19. Mr. Hamid (client from Malaysia) vide his email dated 17/08/2015 says…. “Dear Mr.Ashok, Find attached the TT Payment slip for the balance 50% amount. Pls, courier the original final attested report with all photographs to the below address AKBERDIN & CO Associate at Messrs Tingkat Bawah, Jalan Plumbum Seksyen Shah Alam Selangor, Malaysia”