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fingerprint expertsOur office has edited glorious scientific journals on the subject of questioned documents as early as and between the years 1935 & 1956. In 1935 was published, the journal titled as “DOCUMENT DISPUTES. In 1966, our office published the journal titled “THE DOCUMENT EXAMINER & SCIENTIFIC DETECTIVE.” They were hailed & widely appreciated for the graphic & subtle quality of the articles and their scientific contents internationally. Even Mr. Ordway Hilton and Late Mr. A.S. Osborn, both Eminent “Document Examiners” appreciated them.
The following are my publications :
fingerprint identification Co-Author: Law relating to presumptions & Proof of Documents including Questioned Documents under Forensic Science, 2nd Ed. 2011 (Published by ALT) Hyderabad.”
fingerprint identification Disputed Document Problems & miscellaneous references.
fingerprint recognition References from Nationalised Banks.
fingerprint evidence All India and Foreign Court references.
fingerprint reader


fingerprint forensic The Hindustan Times dated 18/02/96 says, “….......In today’s proceedings,
  which lasted for about five hours, (at Jaipur) he (Mr. Bansi Lal Gupta, the Returning Officer for Rajya Sabha elections) recorded the statement of one handwriting expert (Ashok Kashyap, Delhi), produced by (Mr. Bhanwar Lal Sharma), whose nomination was rejected on Feb., 10 during the scrutiny….. Mr. Sharma’s nomination was rejected on the ground as one of the signatories to his nomination paper…..appeared before the returning officer and said that he had not signed the nomination paper.
cross examination International Herald Tribune dated 08/09/03 says, “Ashok Kashyap,
  a New Delhi-based Handwriting Expert with 40 years of experience, said Gilhotra’s actual signature does not match.”……………
handwriting expert DELHI MID DAY dated 31/07/92 says, “Ashok Kashyap is a unique crime
  buster. His Forgery Detection Bureau in the Capital checks the authenticity of documents with the aid of advanced scientific techniques……………"
handwriting expert THE HINDU dated 02/08/91 (Gurgaon Edition) says, “Mr. Ashok Kashyap runs
  a Private Bureau for detecting forgery, a legacy inherited from his father, a noted Handwriting Expert, Ugra Sen Kashyap.”………………………
handwriting expert

Dear Ashok Kashyap
Mr. Basit Malik for The Caravan, magazine vide his email dated 22/05/2017 says… ‘I previously worked as an intern. I have been commissioned to write a piece about forensic handwriting analysis, with a particular focus on your work. Firstly, I would like to have meeting with you, as soon as possible, and also I would like your help in getting me connected to one of your clients. I would be highly obliged, besides this email I will also drop a letter from the magazine at your office.