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  1. Sh. Utpal Kumar Das, Managing Director, Powermann Bangladesh Ltd., Dhaka (Bangladesh) vide letter dated 14th June, 07 says, “…..Now, we are requesting you to verify the signatures of page 6/12 with other 10 pages.”
  2. The Jt. Secretary, Central Tibetan Administration of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Department of Security, Dharmsahala (HP) vide letter dated nil says, "…..Your expertise is requested to verify the same."
  3. Idris & Company, Advocates, Kuching, Sarwak (East Malaysia) vide Letter dated 25/01/08 says, "…..We are instructed by our client to invite you to conduct an examination of a purported signature on a Bank Guarantee allegedly signed by our Client….. We understand from our client that you are a Handwriting & Fingerprint Expert (Examiner of Questioned Documents). Accordingly, our client would be grateful, if you could conduct an examination of the alleged Guarantee & various specimen signatures of our client at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at your earliest convenience." ...Intimation for inspection of documents at Kuala Lumpur

    Note: The original documents on the file of the Hon'ble High Court at Sibu & Sarwak (East Malaysia) pertaining to HSBC Bank & RHB Bank respectively as were personally examined and photographed by Ashok Kashyap, on 22/02/08 & 29/02/08 respectively at Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) in the Attorneys' Offices for the purpose of preparation of opinions and facilitate technical discussions on questioned documents for the purpose of final arguments before Hon'ble High Court.
  4. S.I. & Associates, Advocates & Solicitors, Commissioners for Oaths, Commercial Centre, Kuching (Malaysia) vide Letter dated 24th March, 2008 say, "…..As previously communicated to you, subsequent to your examination of the Bank Guarantee & Specimen Signatures at (Kuala Lumpur) & rendering of your report, you will be required (as a Handwriting Expert) to attend trial of the above case which is now scheduled for continued hearing on 31/03/08 at Sibu, East Malaysia and on other dates as may be fixed by the Hon‘ble Court." ………………............................ Intimation for giving evidence
  5. Sh. B.N. Chaudhary, Managing Director, Norvice Escort International Hospital, Thapathali, Kathmandu (Nepal) vide his letter dated 30/01/08 says, "…..Thank you very much for your preliminary report. I must say, you have done good Job."
  6. The A.G.M., Rashtriya Banijya Bank, H.O. Kathmandu (Nepal) vide telegram dated 30/05/84 says, "...........Our Law Officer will receive you at the (Kathmandu) Airport in connection with your deposition (relating to your opinion on the documents forwarded for examination to you) in the (Bank) departmental enquiry at Kathmandu on……" ..........................Foreign Bank Department Enquiry at Kathmandu, Nepal
  7. Sh. Anand Kumar, Senior Manager (Finance), National Insurance Co. Ltd. Nepal Operations Kathmandu, Nepal, vide his email letter dated 12/06/2018 says….. “Please find attached the different specimens of suspect-1 to be matched with disputed writing….You are requested to submit the report at the earliest possible.
  8. Nepal Grandlays bank Ltd. Kathmandu Nepal referred documents for our opinion on 07/03/1991.
  9. Assistant Registrar, High Court of Republic of Singapore in Suit No. 250/95 in SARA BIBI AHMED IBARAHIM ARIF (NIRC No. S-1039598/D)……Plaintiff and Ayasha D/o Ibrahim Kasim (NRIC No.S=1356636/F)….. Defendant vide writ of Sub Poena AD TESTIFICANDUM issued on 28th April 1997 (issued at the request of Kenneth Pereira of Messrs Allen & Gledhill, Solicitors for the Defendant…...says, "…..You are required to attend before the Hon‘ble Judicial Commissioner Lim Teong Qween of Court NO.9. The High Court, Singapore, on Monday, the 28th day of April, 1997 at 10.00 a.m. and so from day to day until the end of the above proceedings to give evidence on behalf of the said defendant Aiyasha D/o Ibrahim Kasim in the said proceedings." ….…………….Summons issued by Hon'ble Singapore High Court
  10. Shri R.S. Wijaya of R.S. Wijaya & Co., Advocates & Solicitors, Notary Public & Commissioners for Oaths, Singapore vide Email dated 04.12.2013 addressed to Messers Mallal & Namazie, Advocates, Singapore in O.S. No. 867/2012/Q says, "……..We refer to the notification from the High Court dated 4th December 2013 for Pre-Trial Conference rescheduled to 8th January 2014, at 9.00 am…... Our client‘s expert (Ashok Kashyap of Delhi, India) is of the opinion that the copy of prints taken in the presence of your Mr. Mirza and our Mr. R.S. Wijaya is suitable for successful comparison…….. Please let us know soon when your client can travel to Singapore for his thumbprint (specimen fingerprints, LTIs and RTIs) to be taken. We can then inform the Assistant Registrar on the date of the PTC whether the thumbprint is identical, which result in the end of this matter, or not identical (as per the opinion of Ashok Kashyap, Handwriting Fingerprint Expert, Delhi, India), so a hearing date can be taken."
    1. Mr. R.S. Wijaya of R.S. Wijaya & Co., Advocates & Solicitors, Notary Public & Commissioners for Oaths, Singapore vide letterl dated 07/12/2015…….Says, “This letter serves to confirm the engagement of your services to inspect the original Will of Late Mr. Tiruchelvam S/o Sinnadurai on 11th December 2015, after which a wriiten report in respect of inspection of said Will is to be furnished to our office in order for us to file a Defence, of which we are already out of time..... For the avoidence of any dispute, The inspection of the original Will is to take place at the registred office of the opposing solicitors, i.e. Subra T.T. Law Llc, C/o 480, Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, .............. East Wing, Singapore”.
  11. Mr. Someir, Legal Advisor David Ravenscroft & Co. Solicitors, Hong Kong, vide email letter dated 21/03/2017....Says...."We are a solicitors firm acting for a client engaged in court litgation in Hong Kong. We write to request for :
    1. A quotation in relation to preparing an expert report on the authenticity of our client's signature on a tenancy aggrement.
    2. Time for preparation of the report upon confirmation of instructions
    3. A quotation for apperance as an expert wittness in court, if required and currculam vitae of the expert.
  12. Mr. T. Wickramasighe, Legal Consultant, United Nations House Gardens, Hill House, ….. Sri Lanka vide letter dated 16/02/09 says, "…..Kindly let us know, when you can come to Sri Lanka so that we can make the necessary arrangements with the Court and with other Lawyers concerned to make available the impugned signature in Question (for your inspection)."
  1. Administrator, Royal Microscopical Society, Oxford (U.K.) vide letter dated 01/10/84 says, "…..on behalf of the council, we are pleased to inform you that you were this day elected, a Fellow of the Royal Microscopical Society"
  2. Mr. Nicholas S. Law, Director General, International Biographical Centre, Cambridge CB2, 3 QP U.K., vide his letter R.F. MAN/YR/INV dated 21st November 1997 says, “…..YOUR NOMINATION AS INTERNATIONAL MAN OF THE YEAR : The International Biographical Centre of Cambridge, England is delighted to conform your nomination as an INTERNATIONAL MAN OF THE YEAR for 1997/98. This prestigious award – issued by way of a WARRANT of PROCLAMATION – will be made available to only a few illustrious individuals whose achievements and leadership stand out in the International Community….. Nomination as an International Man of the Year is made by the Editorial and Advisory Boards of the International Biographical Centre and this year I have had the pleasure of chairing the selection committees. Tens of thousands of biographies are reviewed each year by the Board and from these only a handful are selected for this unique honor. Congratulations on being one of these so nominated…..I am sure you will be excited to accept this honor.”
  3. Mr. Nicholas S. Law, Director General, International Biographical Centre, Cambridge CB2 QP England vide his letter (Ref. IBP/CUST/NSL) dated 6th February, 1998.” This is your invitation to become a Fellow of the International Biographical Association. The largest and most prestigious organization of its kind in the world. By accepting, you will be joining several thousand equally distinguished men and women from every continent, more than 100 countries….. A personal Invitation for Fellowship….. Today, after a quarter of a century. The IBA has become one of the largest and most important learned Associations of its kind in the world and as such offers immense prestige to its Fellows …..I believe that in your case, the honor of fellowship is well deserved for I know that your interesting biography has appeared in various different biographical reference books, including those published by the International Biographical Centre of Cambridge, England, Administrators of the IBP”.
  4. Mr. Jon Gifford, Editor in Chief, International Biographical Centre, Cambridge CB2, 3 QP England vide his letter (Ref. DIB 26/27) dated 30th October, 1998 says, “…..Please find the clipping of your entry that appeared in Dictionary of International Biography, Twenty-Sixth Edition, attached alongside The book sold extremely well and we are proud to tell you that your achievements are now available for reference in municipal and university libraries around the world….. He further says vide his letter (Ref. DIB 26/BIOG/JG) says, “As a biography who has rightly taken place in your flagship” publication, I am writing to inform you that the Twenty-Sixth Edition of the Dictionary of International Biography has now been published and is currently being distributed to leading national, public and institutional reference libraries, throughout the world….. This title has been fully revised and updated, to provide with comprehensive and updated career and biographical information for thousands of the world’s leading professionals, yourself included.”
  5. Mr. J.M. Evans, President, Board of Directors, American Biographical Institute/USA vide his letter dated July 17, 1998 says, “…..It is distinct pleasure to announce your nomination for the American Biographical Institute’s 1998 PLATINUM RECORD FOR EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMANCE. The honor for which you have been nominated is recognized globally as an elite level of success that very important cultural leaders, professionals and artists ever achieve. The right of ownership of the PLATINUM RECORD is tangible status of appreciable talent. ”I congratulate you, Mr. Kashyap, on your recommendation for the Platinum Record and the further acclaim admiration it will bring to you and your position as a prominent leader of the Twentieth Century.
  6. Mr. Nicholas S Law, Director General, International Biographical Centre, Cambridge (UK) vide Letter dated 13/02/2015, says "I am delighted to inform you that your name has been put forward to receive – entirely through merit – an Honorary Doctorate of Letters from the International Biographical centre of Cambridge (UK). Only a select few have been honoured with this prestigious Doctorate and it reflects an ultimate recognition of your lifetime achievements….. I consider that the IBC is well qualified to offer you an Honorary Doctorate of Letters (HonDL).
  7. Mr. Nicholas S. Law, Director General International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England, vide his letter dated 15/04/2016, says, “ It is my great honor to inform you that you are to be offered an HONORARY PROFESSORSHIP by the Appointments Board of the International Biographical Centre, of Cambridge, England……The selection process is clear, a recipient must show the very highest level of achievement and must be seen as an authority within their field of expertise”.
  1. Dr. S.R. Bhandari, Scientific Chief, National Forensic Science Laboratory, Royal Nepal Academy Science and Technology, Kathmandu (vide letter dated 26/07/92) says, "…..Congratulations for your historic contribution in the field of Questioned Documents Examination"
    .................Foreign Appreciation
(a) Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Dubai, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mauritius, Nepal, Nigeria, Russia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Uganda, UK & USA etc. etc.

(b) Royals including their Highness Queens & Princesses.

(c) Hon’ble Ex-Chief Ministers, Ministers, Ex-Ministers, MP(s), MLAs., spiritual Gurus including His Spiritual Highness Dalai Lama, Head of Tibtan Administration in Exile and several extremely high profile clients.

Note: We have handled several important cases pertaining to extremely high profile clients, whose identity is being protected due to certain constraints and kept anonymous.
  1. His Holy Highness Mahant Varu, Sri Swamy Hathiramjee Mutt, Tirupati, Tirumala District, Chittoor (A.P.) vide letter dated 23/02/2011 says, "… You are hereby authorized by the undersigned… to examine the documents and records at Patna Collectorate pertaining to ……………….. May lord Venkateswara and Hathiram Babaji shower blessings to your goodself and all family members for peace and prosperity".
  2. Mr. Tenzin Dawa, Deputy Secretary of Bureau of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Lajpat Nagar IV, New Delhi vide letter dated 08/10/2001 says, ".. This is to state that we have given you two documents for your expert opinion and certification. ... We are thankful for your prompt and deligent service. We hope to continue our working relationship"
  3. Mr. Lhakpa Tshoko, Secretary, Bureau of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, New Delhi, says…. “Dear Mr. Kashyap, this is to certify that Mr. Tesering Thai, a staff of our Security Department in Dharmsala. He will come to you with 2 books and 1letter written in Tibetan, of which we would like you to see into these material and make a comparative study and give us an idea about the writer being one and the same or different.”
  4. Allen & Gledhill, Advocates & Solicitors Notaries, Public & Commissioner for oaths, 36, Robinson Road, 18-01, City House, Singapore-068877, vide Letter dated 10/09/97 in Suit No. 250 of 95 titled (Sarabai Ahmed Ibrahim Ariff Vs. Ayasha) says, "…..This is to confirm that the Court (High Court, Singapore) had accepted your expert opinion and evidence that the documents in question have not been forged as alleged by the plaintiff, but were actually written by the plaintiff in her own handwriting……."
    ......................... Foreign High Court Judgment
  5. Mr. Iqbal Ismail Dewji, Barrister & Solicitor, Toronto (Canada) vide his letter dated 10/03/1994 says, "…..It was with much interest that read your publication. I note that your family and yourself are leading authorities in this field"
  6. Mr. Rishad Cooper, Pune, Says..."Thank you for your suggestion Sir, Would also like to compliment you sir, after having read your analysis, it is so very thoroughly doneand well wriiten. The manner in which you have explained all of your observations is so interesting. Above all, it is clear from your work that your sole aim has been to reach out for and bring out, The Truth.... You are an undoubted(ly) master of your art Sir, and a true authority in your field.
    ...................... Foreign Appreciation
  1. Jeff Moy, Private Investigator, Alachua, Florida-32615 (USA) vide e-mail dated 29/06/2012 says, "...I have had the pleasure of reviewing your credentials (on website) and they are sterling as compared to others I have seen in India"
    ................ Glorious Complement
  1. Mr. Kapil Shemsher J.B. Rana, chairman Nepal Hotels Pvt. Ltd. vide letter dated 01/09/2003, says….. “Mr. Kishore Joshi is coming to you with few documents of Nepal Hotels P. Ltd. You are requested to kindly verify the signature on the questioned document…” (High Profile case)
  2. Hon’ble Prl. Civil Judge (Junior Division), Mysore, in CC No., 2210/10, Ameena Jan Vs. Asma Sulthana vide his summons dated 17/01/2013, says…. “Whereas it is deemed requisite, for the purpose of this case that a commission for ‘local investigation’ should be issued, you are hereby appointed commissioner for the purpose of……” (case reference)
  3. Hon’ble Prl. I Civil Judge & J.M.F.C., Mysore in CC No. 2211/10, Ameena Jan vs. Asma Sulthana vide his summons dated 17/01/2013, says…. “Whereas it is deemed requisite, for the purpose of this case that a commission for ‘local investigation’ should be issued, you are hereby appointed commissioner for the purpose….”
  4. Hon’ble Assistant Registrar, Court of Small causes, Bangalore in CC No. 10316/2013, vide his letter dated 15/11/2016, says…. “With reference to the above, I am forwarding herewith the documents in C.C. 10316/2013 on the file of this court and memo of instruction submitted by advocate for accused for examine and expert opinion as per memo of instruction. Hence you are hereby directed to examine and expert opinion as per memo of instruction and submit as or before 20/12/2016.
  5. Hon’ble Assistant Registrar, Court of Small causes, Bangalore in CC No. 10316/2013, vide his letter dated 20/12/2016, says…. “Whereas it is deemed request for the purpose of this case that a commission for examine and expert opinion should be issued, you are hereby appointed commissioner for the purpose of examine and expert opinion….”
  6. Mr. Jeff Moy (Hansarupa das) vide his email letter dated 30/04/2018, says….. “Dear Respected Kashyap Ji, Namaskar. The samples that I presented for analysis to you was in the year 2012. It was submitted to our Governing Body Commissioners, along with other evidence collected in the course of my investigation…. I am currently serving in New York (foreign reference).
Aspirants for Immigration to USA, UK, Canada, Australia & New Zealand, etc. engaging our services for obtaining attestation of certificates and Fingerprint specimens on specimen cards.